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ITU-T AI/ML Challenge - Invitation to O-RAN SC to collaborate  

ITU-T FG-ML5G-ORAN-Sandbox-v6.pptx

High level scope: Reqeusting OSC to participate in "enabler-track” in the challenge for xApp development which can integrate AI/ML in future networks including 5G

OSC Contact: Rittwik Jana (

Virtual F2F Meetings, June 8-19, 2020

Jun 08 - 19

Due to Covid-19 world-wide situation, the meetings will be held virtually.
Agenda and Schedule

The sessions start on Monday June 8, 2020.

Session schedule, Webex bridges and other relevant info are all maintained at the wiki page:

(you may subscribe to the page to get notifications on any updates - click the eye symbol in the upper right corner of the page).

Please choose the sessions that you want to attend and book your calendar accordingly (we don’t plan to send out calendar invitations for each session).

VirtualO-RAN Alliance

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition has been launched

O-RAN Virtual Exhibition is a unique platform that allows O-RAN member companies to demonstrate their O-RAN based technology to the general public. 
Regardless of MWC cancellation, O-RAN ALLIANCE is keen to allow presenting the achievements of its members. The platform currently hosts 18 demos from MWC Barcelona 2020, divided into categories of Openness and Intelligence.O-RAN member companies are welcome to add more O-RAN technology demos to the Virtual Exhibition. 
The platform is ready to host more demos to substitute canceled MWC exhibitions or to augment real exhibitions in the future (and we are also working on much better look&feel of the Virtual Exhibition). 

The platform is sponsored by O-RAN. Presenting companies are responsible for the demo content (videos, powerpoints, PDFs or other), with O-RAN offering to mediate support for the content creation through its creative agency.Any company that wants to present a virtual demo, please fill-in your inputs at the wiki:

For any inquiries regarding O-RAN Virtual Exhibition, please contact: O-RAN has started an official Blog
Please check the O-RAN website at to see the latest public announcements.

O-RAN has started an official Blog

Please check the O-RAN website at to see the latest public announcements.

O-RAN Test and Integration Focus Group – 2nd O-RAN Plugfest/PoC – CALL FOR PARTICIPATION (September)

The O‐RAN Alliance is preparing for 2nd O‐RAN Plugfest/PoC in September 2020 which aims to accelerate the maturity of O‐RAN products and solutions via conducting the conformance and interoperability tests.

The plugfest will take place in four venues with different scopes: Asia, Europe, India and North America

The presentation and demonstration of results and outcomes (incl. workshops, readout and wrap-up meetings) will take place from September 21 to October 2, 2020 (after O-RAN face to face meeting).

Call for Participation

We are kindly inviting the companies to join the plugfest/PoC[1]. If a company (vendors, integrators, SW developers, test equipment or service providers, etc.) is interested to participate in one or multiple plugfest/PoC venues, please contact the relevant person with the necessary details. Final scope, goals and arrangement of plugfest/PoC venue will be agreed with the involved participants and available HW & SW.

[1] The number of participants in the given venue may be limited due to reasonable reason (e.g. space limitation) based on non-discriminatory basis (e.g. a first-come first‑served basis).

Sep 21 - Oct 02

China – “O-RAN Plugfest/PoC in Beijing”

  • Host: China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, NTT Docomo
  • Contact: Liu Yang (
  • High-level scope:
    • Multi-vendor interoperability testing for indoor scenario
      • OpenFH decoupling
      • SW/HW decoupling
    • Performance and Function evaluation of O-RU as well as FH interface conformance test by the involvement of O-DU simulator
    • Proof of concept of testing of RIC, e.g. E2 interface

Sep 21 - Oct 02

Europe – “Joint European O-RAN & TIP Plugfest/PoC”

  • Host: DT, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telecom Infrastructure Project
  • Contact:  Petr Jurcik
  • High-level scope:
    • Enable cooperation/synergy between OTIC and TIP Community Labs
    • O-RAN + TIP joint community test cases and scenarios
    • Multi-vendor interoperability functional and performance testing
      • IUT: OpenFH (eCPRI); DUT: O-RU, O-DU
      • O-RU/O-DU deployment in separated locations with different transport options
      • Lab as well as over-the-air (field) deployment scenarios
    • Functional and performance testing (O-RU/O-DU in isolation using emulators)
    • Proof of concept of remote interoperability testing of non-time critical interfaces, e.g. M‑plane

Sep 21 - Oct 02

India – “O-RAN Plugfest/PoC in India”

  • Host: Reliance Jio, Airtel
  • Contact:  Uday Joshi (, Santram Vashist (
  • High-level scope:
    • Management and orchestration with elements of Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC) along with O-RAN compliant O-RU and O-DU. Productization of relevant O-RAN compliant components for operator deployment scenarios
      • Cloud based management and orchestration along with RIC for 5G deployment scenarios
    • Interoperability/interworking of flexible O-RAN compliant O-RUs/O-DUs for mMIMO and micro-cell scenarios
      • O-RUs/O-DUs interworking with C/U/S/M plane
    • RIC interworking/Interoperability with O-RUs/O-DUs
      • Interoperability of O-RAN WG3 Spec based RIC with O-DU
    • Open X2 for NSA deployment

Sep 21 - Oct 02

Japan – “O-RAN Plugfest/PoC in Japan”

  • Host: NTT DOCOMO, KDDI, SoftBank
  • Contact: Anil Umesh (
  • High-level scope:
    • Multi-vendor interoperability testing
      • IUT1: Open Fronthaul; DUT: O-RU, O-DU
      • IUT2: Open X2; DUT: gNB, eNB
    • Proof of concept of RIC, e.g. E2 Closed loop RAN Resource Control and Network Slicing

Sep 21 - Oct 02

North America – “Joint O-RAN & ONAP Plugfest/PoC in NYC metro area Innovation Zone”

  • Host: AT&T, Bell Canada, Verizon
  • Contact: Tracy Van Brakle
  • High-level scope:
    • O-RAN + SMO (ONAP-based) joint test cases and scenarios
      • Based on ONAP Frankfurt and Guilin releases
    • Multi-operator/multi-vendor resource pooling + dynamic 5G slicing for SnR (Search and Rescue) scenario
    • Wide-area optimization
    • IUT: A1(Non-RT/Near-RT RIC), O1, E2
    • Demonstration and evaluation of integration of A1 and O1 with SMO based on ONAP

Feb 17 - 21

Online Meetings Schedule To Substitute Canceled Paris F2F Meetings.  See Events#schedule

VirtualO-RAN Alliance
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