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OTF has or is developing a set of Virtual Test Heads (type of Microservice) which can be commonly used to build various OTF test strategies for OSC component or service testing community.

OTF is an open source project, if you or your organization would like to make contributions to this project, feel free to contact me.

In this diagram, OTF has developed or is developing following Virtual Test Heads to support interactive testing to various O-RAN software and network components over specifics protocols, Each type of VTH understands the represendting interface/protocol fully and is able to generate and inject data conforming to such type of interface to the test target(s)

  • O1 VTH
  • A1 VTH
  • E2 VTH
  • E1 VTH
  • F1 VTH
  • Robo

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  1. Hi,

    Do you have any example or do you plan to do show case how to automate vTH related to O1 interface and ONAP? I mean some example of test realted to PNF Registration, PM handling, RTPM?

    1. You can try the OTF Tutorials and Demos page and see if that helps. In OTF, Test Strategy (TS) is where the actual testing logic is. So you would implement the automation as Test Strategy (visual BPMN workflow). If you want to see how OTF can be applied to your specific use cases, let me know we can have a discussion.

      1. Do yoiu have ANY Test with ONAP?

        1. No. O-RAN is the first adoption of OTF