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Welcome to the D release page for the O-RAN Software community 


Near-Real-time RIC X-APPs (RICAPP)

Primary Goals: Expand the community working on open source xApps for O-RAN SC. Enhance the set of open source xApps in support of the R-SAC use cases (traffic steering, health check, life cycle management) as well new use cases. Update and enhance existing xApps to take advantage of the new features in xApp SDK (implemented by the xApp frameworks in C++, go, and python).

D release highlights (12-08-20):

  • Expanded set of xApps from expanded community: Cherry release includes xApps from AT&T (TS, QP-D, QP, HW, MC), Samsung (KPIMON), and HCL (AD).

Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  165 issues

Status (3-1-21): 

Near-Real-time RAN Intelligent Controller Platform (E2 Interface) (RICPLT)

Mission: Update to newer O-RAN specs (E2,A1,O2,O1) and related features.

Primary Goals: Update to E2APv1.1 (E2 Node configuration transfer in E2 Setup and E2 Configuration Update (even if likely changing again in E2APv2.0) and E2SM OID support in internal E2SM function query interfaces) // support for A1-EI (as per A1APv3.0) // support for O2 as per WG6 use cases // support for RIC-708 O1-CM to xApps // RIC-734 Include time series database into RIC platform (InfluxDB) for usage by xApps // RIC-421 O1 mediator graceful restart with O1 data being persisted over restarts // Concrete alarms from RIC platform (related to message overload): RIC-204, RIC-203 // SDK package, well documented interfaces to be used by xApps via xApp frameworks // Portability SDK (in xApp project) // REST interface for subscription management. 35 Epics planned: link and 11 items as stretch goals: link

D release highlights (date): to be filled in at end of release (all primary goals hopefully realize)

Status 2021-03-03: Work started on many items. 31 Epics planned: link and 15 items as stretch goals: link. Start of release snapshot (MS Excel): link For CII compliance (link)we now do some checks every two weeks in the status meeting and have started a Release criteria checklist template that we go through before releasing, Note that we update to E2APv1.1

Non-Real-time RIC (A1 Interface) (NONRTRIC)

Primary Goals:
  • The primary goal of Non-RT RIC is to support intelligent RAN optimization by providing policy-based guidance, ML model management and enrichment information to the near-RT RIC function so that the RAN can optimize, e.g., RRM under certain conditions.
  • It can also perform intelligent radio resource management function in non-real-time interval (i.e., greater than 1 second).
  • Non-RT RIC can use data analytics and AI/ML training/inference to determine the RAN optimization actions for which it can leverage SMO services such as data collection and provisioning services of the O-RAN nodes.
  • Non-RT-RIC will define and coordinate rApps (Non-RT-RIC / SMO appliciations) to perform Non-RT-RIC tasks.
  • Non-RT-RIC will also host the new R1 interface (between rApps and SMO services)

D Feature Scope:

Jira: Count of Epics ( 20 issues ), User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  455 issues

Operation and Maintenance (OAM)

Primary Goals:

  • updates of OAM related interface definitions based on
    • YANG from WG4 - O-RAN Management Plane Specification - YANG Models 5.0 - November 2020 (with dependencies to IETF data models)
      • status: done
    • YANG from WG5 - O-RAN O1 Interface for O-DU 1.0 - YANG Models - November 2020 (with dependencies to 3GPP data models) 
      • status: after feedback of WG5, related merge request was abandoned - instead a pipline will be establish with O-RAN bitbuckets.  
    • YANG from WG1 - O1-interface (November 2020 train)
      • status: not approved by O-RAN
    • VES from ONAP DCAE - VES 7.2
      • status: ongoing
    • Notification syntax from 3GPP TS 28.532 V16.6.0
  • support D-Release use case "O-RU recovery"
    • see Feature Scope below
  • handover SMO artifacts to new SMO project

D Feature Scope: 

  • Update to OpenDaylight Silicon
  • Support of Callhome via TLS
  • CallHome to VES:pnfRegistration 
  • o-ran-fm.yang/alarm-notif to VES:fault


Jira: Count of Epics ( 15 issues ), User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  166 issues

Demo of OAM use cases

O-RAN Central Unit (OCU)

Primary Goals: 
  • Source code includes RRC, Ng, E1, F1. Platform and OM are provided in  dependent libraries.
  • O-CU-CP is integrated with O-CU-UP, O-CU functions should be complete.

Cherry Feature Scope: 


Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:

OCU-1 - O-CU F1 interface for Release B TO DO   F1




OCU-5 - O-CU Ng TO DO  Ng

OCU-6 - O-CU E1 TO DO  E1

O-DU High

Primary Goals: 

  • O-DU high integration in Radio mode
  • Initial access and Attach procedure testing in Radio mode
  • DL and UL data path in FDD, 20 MHZ with 256 QAM and 64 QAM respectively
  • Static TDD mode support with Numerology =1
  • O1 enhancement
  • Closed Loop Automation Use case support

D Feature Scope: 

. 1. Achieve UL and DL data flow using FDD mode on 20 MHz Bandwidth, Numerology = 0

 2.Support for static TDD mode with pattern “DDDDDDDSUU” on 100 MHz Bandwidth, Numerology = 1

  • Evolve scheduler to support UL and DL scheduling of signaling and data messages on single spectrum in TDD mode
  • Expand scheduler to support Frame structure according to numerology = 1
  • Updates to cell broadcast for TDD and numerology = 1

3.Development activity for Closed Loop Automation use-case

  • Support for cell stop and restart within O-DU High layers
  • Support for cell stop and restart towards O-DU Low
  • F1AP Enhancements towards O-CU indicating cell stop and restart


  • Integration with O-DU Low in Radio mode
  • Integration with CU

5.End to end testing support (O-RU<->O-DU-LOW<->O-DU-HIGH<->RSYS CU<->Viavi 5G Core )

6.O1 enhancements - by HCL

  • CM Support
  • Support for Closed Loop Automation use-case
  • Support for Health Check use-case

Updated:  7th April 2021

JIRA: Epics Status below:


  • O1 configuration for day-1 shall need to be completed to start with CLA.
  • Server allocation to mount Radisys CU as a test fixture. Bare metal server preferred. 
  • Unable to use valgrind with Intel libraries. Debugging issue with seg fault using Brute Force method.

O-DU Low

Primary Goals:  

—Continue O-DU low and O-DU high pairwise test.

—FAPI P7 massage integration -> Ongoing

—Continue O-DU Low and O-RU emulator test.

—Further CU plane testing -> Ongoing

—Continue E2E test with UE simulator.

—Support the UE attachment test

—Development activity for Closed Loop Automation use-case

—Support and test for cell stop and restart within O-DU High layers

D Release Feature Scope: 

PTL: @Zhimin Yuan
  • Status

Simulators (SIM)

Primary Goals:

  • Support rapid prototyping by providing simulated interfaces

Cherry Feature Scope:

Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  5 issues

Status (07 Oct. 2020): 

Infrastructure (INF)

Primary Goals: 

  • Implement the O-Cloud reference design, provide the real time performance to allow the O-DU and other components running on top of it.
  • Provide interaction capabilities with other components.

D Feature Scope:  

  • Enabe the 2 AIO severs with additional worker nodes deployment scenario
  • Implement the O2 interface as the MVP
  • Major components upgrade

Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:

Integration and Test (INT)

Primary Goals: To support OSC project CI pipeline. To test and validate the components and use cases

Cherry Feature Scope: 

  • Automated CLM and SonarQube Scanning CI Jobs
  • Improve CI for OSC projects
  • Validate and and Test platform and use cases 

PTL:  Zhe Huang

Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues: 54 issues

Status (28 Oct. 2020): 

Documentation (DOC)

Primary Goals: TODO
Bronze Feature Scope: TODO

Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:

Service Management and Orchestration  (SMO)

Primary Goals: The primary goal of the SMO project is to integrate different software artifacts of existing open-source projects creating a fully functional open-source Service Management and Orchestration (SMO). 

D Feature Scope:

  • Support for O1 interface
    • Implementation of NETCONF client in SMO
    • Reference implementation of a NETCONF server that O-RAN Network Functions, e.g. Near-RT RIC, CU, DU and RU can use. The code can be found at
    • A minimal set of YANG models that demonstrate the capability of the O1 interface while satisfying the closed-loop automation use-case.
  • Support for O1/VES interface
    • Demonstrate the capability to receive VES events, collect them in a dB, and display them in a dashboard.


  • Preliminary version of the YANG models proposed by Martin Skorupski. Currently under review.
  • Have a standalone implementation of the O1/VES interface that not only generates events, but collects them, stores in Influx dB and displays it on a Grafana dashboard. Need to integrate with the rest of the solution.

Jira: Count of Epics ( 0 issues ), User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  6 issues

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