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Note: Recording of meetings available here: Project meetings


  1. Quick overview of the RICAPP project and its goals for Release Amber (by Rajesh Panta)


  1. Status update on RICAPP epics for O-RAN Amber release: which ones will be completed for sure, completed likely, and which ones will move to Release B.


  1. Review of one page status update for the O-RAN SC TOC
  2. Discussion on ideas for B Release
    1. Impacts of A1/O1/E2 standardization
    2. E2 Control messages
    3. xApp composition/chaining?
    4. Resiliency (xApp replication, for example)
    5. New xApp ideas/volunteers?


  1. xApp updates:
    1. AC - mostly completed - documentation, persistence using SDL C++ library, A1-spec based policy guidance with support for multiple policy instances in progress
    2. MC - legal review completed, development can move back to LF, deployable xApp with some initial reports generated and sent using VES
    3. ML xApp - initial work, not a realistic working xApp in Amber release
    4. KPImon - repo created, feasibility analyzed
    5. UE Manager - moving to RIC platform project
  2. Discussion on open issues and release B ideas.


  1. OAM repo discussion with Martin Skorupski
  2. xApp status update: AC, MC, KPI Mon
  3. ML xApp presentation (Guy Jacobson)


  1. Release A Planning: Code freeze (Nov 2nd), only bug fixes and documentation after that
  2. Release A xApp status
    1. AC xApp: code, CI/CD/test coverage, some documentation done - implements pre-spec A1/E2
    2. MC xApp: code done, in repo soon - CI/CD, test coverage, and documentation to do
    3. ML xApp: sample code in repo - may not be a real xApp in Release A
    4. KPIMon xApp: repo created, sample message reviewed -
  3. xApps in Release B
    1. Multiple ML xApps for the Release B use case (Rittwik) - see
    2. Extensions of the current xApps


  1. any news from any of the xApps?
    1. no news


  1. Amber Release status for xApps
  2. Bronze Release planning:
    1. Traffic steering use case and xApps needed to support that (presentation by Gueyoung Jung )


  1. Amber Release status for xApps -
  2. xApp documentation - already covered in RIC platform meeting
  3. Bronze Release - TS use case
    1. Other Bronze epics will be discussed in the next meeting


  1. Any updates from team?
    1. Main developer of AC xApp is leaving AT&T
    2. Netsia - no resources available at the beginning of Bronze
  2. Bronze epics from RSAC team


  1. Review of Bronze epics
  2. Open issues/questions


  1. Review of traffic steering use case and xApps for the use case.


  1. Plan and timeline for Bronze release
  2. Open questions?


  1. Status update of Bronze release
  2. Open questions?


  1. Still waiting for TOC to approve repo requests
  2. HelloWorld: version 2 ready - deployment/config, rmr + SDL
  3. TS/QP/QP Driver: Design, learning of xApp frameworks
    1. Python/C++ xApp frameworks under development (see gerrit)
  4. KPIMON: Dev will start this week (Samsung)


  1. Finally a TOC approval for new xApp repos, repos created
  2. Status update (Matti)
  3. name-space and message schemas (Ron)


  1. Sprint demo:
    1. Last one: MC xApp with simulator
    2. This week: QP-Driver and its use of the xApp python framework
  2. Traffic steering use case detailed documentation: Traffic Steering Use Case xApps
  3. Status update:
    1. Mock-up data created in TS-UE-NIB and TS-cell-NIB
    2. JSON payloads for messages between xApp defined and refined
    3. QP-driver code in repo, others hopefully soon
    4. Stretch goal: TS, QP-Driver, and QP exchanging RMR-messages with payload by the end of this sprint
    5. KPIMON: Anticipated completion May 3rd


  1. Status update (Matti): RICAPP-04-14.pptx


  1. Sprint demo: HelloWorld xApp
  2. Two week extension for xApp from O-RAN SC TOC
  3. Status


  1. Status at code freeze:
    1. MC - done
    2. HW - done, needs documentation
    3. Traffic steering use case xApps:
      1. TS - done, testing in progress, needs documentation
      2. QP-Driver - done, testing in progress
      3. QP - unknown
      4. KPIMON - waiting for legal review


  1. Bronze status:
    1. MC - done,
    2. HW - being tested,
    3. TS-QP-driver-QP: being tested,
    4. KPIMON - legal review, hopefully in maintenance release
  2.  Cherry plan:
    1. Utilize new RIC SDK APIs: alarms, logging, config change, A1-P
    2. Extend the TS use case: E2 CONTROL, real ML model, integration with more realistic simulator


  1. Bronze status:
    1. TS use case xApps (TS, QP-D,QP) ready, tested, and released, KPIMON delayed until maintenance release due to legal review (+ testing required)
    2. HW demo and MC xApp also ready, tested and released
  2.  Cherry progress:
    1. Planning underway for the extension to the traffic steering use case, WG-3 spec will likely arrive late but we will try to accommodate it if possible
    2. QP-D: raises and cancels alarms (SDL availability) - first RIC component to raise an alarm
    3. In progress: all open source xApps using RIC SDK APIs for O1-PM/FM (alarms/metrics), O1-CM (configuration) and A1-P (policy intent).


  1. Bronze and Bronze maintenance status update.
    1. Bronze done with 5 xApps
    2. Waiting for Samsung KPIMON and Viavi simulator output for the maintenance release.
  2. Cherry progress.
  3. How to contribute:
    1. Help with an existing xApp (Find an unassigned user story here and contact me)
    2. Suggest a new xApp idea/.
  4. HCL is interested in contributing to the ML pipeline in xApp (QP) - followup by email
  5. Idea on how infra metrics could be used in xApps was discussed - in the O-RAN  architecture they should be only exposed to nonRT RIC, need to think if RIC's own infra metrics could be somehow used by xApps.


  1. Bronze Maintenance status:
    1. Received extension from TOC, still waiting for KPIMON and Viavi simulator trace file
  2. Cherry progress:
    1. HelloWorld (C++) user stories available to anybody interested
    2. Discussions on new xApps:
      1. HCL (Matti set up a call Wed morning at 9am ET - 6:30pm India)
      2. Samsung (to be discussed)
    3. Still pruning epics and user stories
  3. James ChinaMobile: new xApp idea - will reach out to Matti by email


  1. Bronze Maintenance status:
    1. Received KPIMON code and was able to build image and run, problem with SubManager supporting KPM E2SM blocked completion of use case. Full TS use case delayed to Cherry Release.
  2. Cherry progress:
    1. Existing user stories (HelloWorld, QP-Driver) available for anybody interested
    2. Discussions on new xApp ideas with HCL, ChinaMobile, and Samsung - licensing details to be determined, then Matti will request new repos. (see slides: RICAPP-20-08-04.pptx)
    3. Rittwik will follow up with Viavi on data.
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