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  1. note the presentations on RIC and xApps from ONeS (link) and in O-RAN. TODO-link to plugfest.
  2. demo on Thursday Sprint demos → 2020-10-15 Cherry R6.2 (please add agenda items)
  3. asn1-py as separate repo or as part of xapp-frame-py? Discussion to be continued over e-mail.
  4. status update (HCL).
    1. Thoralf to organize a meeting with Abdulwahid, Anssi, Adi, Felix. Ask Abdulwahid to have some working setup ready for comparison. HCL (Neeraj) to setup the environment (whcih is not working)
      1. meeting recording: RIC_troubleshooting_part1.mp4   RIC_troubleshooting_part2.mp4   RIC_troubleshooting_part3.mp4    RIC_troubleshooting_part4.mp4
    2. Subhash raised the issue of where the test cases are stored) e2's folder "automation". To be discussed in Bharath's meeting. Also Thoralf would like it to be clear if platform test cases go into ric-plt/ric-test or into it/test.
    3. RIC-109 DB: study: SDL scaling with Redis cluster (instead of sentinel) "Ready to submit gerrit review request with helm chart & docs for redis-cluster. "

    4. RIC-360 Plan and prototype helm (and k8s) upgrade with xApp manager, REC, RIC infrastructure "Work in progress. Changing appmgr/xapp-onboarder

    5. RIC-509 Components supporting continuous integration infrastructure, e.g., static code analysis "Gerrit Changes for below JIRA tickets (Under RIC-509 Epic) have been merged: RIC-648, RIC-649, RIC-650 (Verified & Reviewed but not merged yet)

    6. RIC-150 Perform e2e RIC benchmarking "Working on end to end E2SM message exchange among HW xAPP, SubMgr, RTMgr, E2Term & E2SIM. Facing issues w.r.t message exchange with SubMgr, RTMgr. Debugging is in progress. Shared the logs to community and getting support from these components experts to resolve the issue."

    7. RIC-149 Define and implement automated test cases for flows to be defined early in Bronze-R4 1) Ricdeployment : Done. Need repo(it/test) access to commit our changes for review. 2) HealthCheck Testsuite : i)dbaas: Kubectl ping pong done and coding completed. ii) dbaas: As confirmed, using SDL is the best approach to check for dbaas healthcheck and manual testing completed. Integrating with robot framework is in progress. iii)Submgr healthcheck - As confirmed Anssi we tried adding liveness/readiness probe to submgr and check for http requests. Its in progress. 3) ETE Testssuite: i)Robotxapp deployment checked manually and its working fine. But rmr code which i used for robotxapp deployment is the older one with NNG package. Hence want to check with Bharath and Dave. ii) Automation : out of 11 testcases , 8 testcases passed for this xappdeployments and 3 testcases failed using post request for RAN via E2mgr X2 interface and seems the commands are deprecated. Alternate commands to check for and try proceeding. URL:

  5. RIC-95  updates (Subhash). RIC-260, RIC-643. Rahul commented that RIC-95 is basically done. Two merges still pending, but code review already done.  Thoralf is still to do testing.
  6. How do we plan work for Dawn. Thoralf proposes 1h planning meeting where we collect input from all possible contributors.
    1. We also look at the current draft/wish list cherry_and_dawn_near_rt_ric.pptx
    2. Thoralf to organize a separate meeting next week on this
  7. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.