Integration and Test

The integration and testing project focuses on integration and testing of software components developed by O-RAN Software Community.


it/dep: Deployment artifacts (scripts, Helm charts, etc)

it/otf: Open Testing Framework

it/testThis repo maintains the source code for the end-to-end testing and validation for the oran ric project.

Weekly Meeting

When: Every Wednesday
9:00am to 10:00am (UTC-04:00) America/New York

Where:Zoom 2 bridge:

Meeting invite: invite.ics

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  1. @Kevin - I believe we should also prepare one slider/pager to reflect comprehensive scope from O-RAN and ONAP  perspective.  not sure if you already have one already documented?

  2. The D-Release branch has not been created yet for it/dep. Will it be updated?

  3. Hello Everyone,

    I am integrating ODU Low +ODU High +CU +Free5GC for the end-to-end testing.

    We are using,

    1. Free5GC Core (
    2. Our own CU SIMULATOR
    3. Radysis DU(E-release) as ODU-H (
    4. O-RAN DU Physical Layer (
    5. Open source FlexRAN (

    I was able to connect Free5GC+CU+ODU High and test the registration procedure by following the below-given steps to bring up free5gc

    But when connecting the whole integrated setup with ODU Low I am unable to see the registration procedure and captured the logs  in Fapi and L1 binaries

    We are running ODU Low with -e in TIMER mode.

    The following link is the one I am using for running the ODU-H, L1, Fapi, CU :

    Attaching the logs captured.

    fapi - e-timerl1-e-timerodu-e-timer

    Can someone guide us in how to check the registration procedure wrt ODU Low?

    Looking forward to the solution.

    Thank You,

    Sindhu Pitta.