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Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

The O-RAN Software Community is adopting the Linux Foundation CLA process for both Apache licenses and O-RAN licenses.

For more information on O-RAN software licensing:

CommunityBridge: EasyCLA

Ship More Code. Chase Fewer Signatures.

For contributors, maintainers, and the companies supporting their own developers, the Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) can seem like they just get in the way of growing the community around a project.

EasyCLA streamlines the process of getting developers authorized under a project's CLA for everyone.  

Linux Foundation is utilizing EasyCLA, to manage the CLA process going forward, see the link at for more information.

CLA for Developers

For contributing to O-RAN Software, you should be aware that there are two different projects, each with its own separate license. They are the O-RAN Software Community and the O-RAN Specification Code Project. You can contribute to either or both projects. To contribute to a project, you will be asked  to agree to the correct CLA for that repo. If you chose to contribute to both projects,you will be asked to sign each CLA once for the O-RAN software project. You are not required to join both projects.

If you contribute to other open source project, you may be asked to the CLA in each of those projects, following the guidelines in that LF project. You will still be asked to agree in this project.

It all starts when you make a contribution.

  • If you are a contributor from a company that that has a CLA manager for your project, they will sign the agreement and create a white list for all contributors. All contributors should contribute under a LF ID and corporate email from their company. If you are covered by the white list, at the time of your first contribution you will be asked to confirm your ID and participation under that agreement.
  • If you are an individual contributor, you must individually sign the CLA, not just confirm. Please follow you individual corporate guidelines or proceed as an individual.
  • If your contribution is for a code repo that requires a particular CLA, and you have not signed the CLA or whitelisted by your organization CLA manager, you code will not be able to get merged onto the repo.

Other Links

CLA for Enterprise

Enable all your developers to contribute code easily and quickly while remaining compliant with contribution policies

Signup to be an Enterprise CLA manager for the O-RAN software projects. You can sign each of the two CLAs for the O-RAN software projects and create a white list for your teams. This will accelerate the process for each of your teammates. They will still be asked to confirm the CLA on their first code contribution to the repos. You are not required to sign both.

The link for the CLA Manager is

There is a YouTube video to assist you is setting up the CLA and white list.  It  is located at

  • Login with you LF ID
  • Add you company
  • Select which License you are ready to sign ( Apache 2 or O-RAN Alliance V1)
  • The Add you contributors to one of the white list options
  • Save
  • Then as each person performed their first contribution, they will be asked to confirm that they are part of the company CLA agreement you have setup in this seciton.

To learn more about the O-RAN Software Project Licences, go to

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