In the OSC Community Lab, a SMO instance was deployed, with inputs from the OAM, NONRTRIC and SIM projects. It is based on an ONAP post-Honolulu and pre-Istanbul release. The purpose for this deployment is to demonstrate, with the help of simulators initially, the Closed Loop Use Case proposed in this release. 

OSC Community Lab deployment

The VM used for this deployment is

List of docker containers

The list of docker containers which are running can be seen in the below picture:


The topology simulated consists of an O-DU exposing the o-ran-sc-hello-world.yang and 3 O-RUs exposing the O-RAN FH YANG models from November 2020 train. The O-DU was connected using the VES pnfRegistration method, while the O-RUs are connected via NETCONF Call Home. We can see the NETCONF Servers are connected to the OAM-Controller via its ODLUX GUI, like in the below picture:

Fault Management

The O-DU and O-RUs are configured to send events to the SMO: O-DU sending VES Fault Notifications, while the O-RUs send faults via NETCONF Notifications. The below picture shows the events as captured by the OAM-Controller:

More detailed integration tests by OAM project can be found here.

NONRTRIC Dashboard

The NONRTRIC components are also deployed successfully. Below are some screenshots from its dashboard:

Detailed logs

We can see also in the logs of the OAM and NONRTRIC and their components that faults are being processed:

OAM Logs



CLA use case demo with intel L1 and netconf CLI

This video contains demo of CLA use case with O-DU-HIGH using L1 and netconf CLI.


1- L1 is crashing very quickly

2- Multiple Slot indication

3- No Config response for cell bring up

Expected Solution: During the D release maintenance phase new intel L1 binary with fixes expected.


CLA use case demo with PHY-STUB and SMO

This video contains demo of CLA use case with O-DU-HIGH using PHY-STUB and SMO.


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