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The INF(infrastructure) project provides open source reference implementation of Edge Cloud infrastructure according to the O-RAN WG6 specification to be used with the other O-RAN OSC projects such as O-CU, O-DU and in the future potential O-RU to create a complete reference implementation of the different O-RAN use case scenarios as defined by O-RAN Alliance work groups. The work in the INF project will following “Open Collaboration”, “Open Design”, “Open Development” and “Open Source”.


  • When make sense use components / parts from existing open source project that have wide and diverse community support and adoption
  • Provide Linux distribution that will be used as the foundation for the Edge Cloud which meet the small footprint and real-time performance requirements required by the O-CU and especially O-DU use cases, and in the future O-RU.
  • Provide Edge Cloud implementation which support both Kubernetes/Container and OpenStack/VM which able to support deployment of small scale through large scale Edge Clouds, required to support the different use case scenarios, and all while providing cost efficient solution.
  • Provide Edge Cloud which support accelerator abstraction layer allowing decoupling between the application that runs on the Edge Cloud that requires the accelerator and the actual physical accelerator.






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