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  • One bug per Jira ticket. Please do not report multiple bugs within one single Jira Issue. Otherwise, it makes it very difficult to have focused discussion and track progress.
  • Even if you encountered several issues at once, you should open a separate Jira Issue for each and Link issues together.
  • Keep ongoing communication in JIRA. Email does not scale. Emails are lost. Use Jira to provide all necessary Logs, code snippets, screenshots.
  • The JIRA Issue Summary should be precise and informative about the issue it is reporting: "X is broken" is not a helpful description. "X is doing Y instead of Z" is much better.
    • Provide a link to the original user story if you can
  • Provide more details on the issue in the Description field
    • Describe the error you see, and describe the behavior expected
    • Provide steps to reproduce the error
    • If possible, provide actual commands to run
    • Attach logs or screenshots
    • Try to reduce the problem to the smallest possible use case to make it easier to reproduce the bug and to test the solution
    • Embed code in the description and use formatting
    • Provide info on OS, Browser, Java version,…
    • If you want to get notified on a change, use the JIRA Watch capability.
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