Architecture for Release A:

NONRTRIC components:

  1. Policy Management GUI / NONRTRIC Dashboard
  2. Policy agent / A1 Policy Management Service
  3. SDNC A1 Controller
  4. Near-RT RIC Simulator

The code base for Release A is in the NONRTRIC source repository (Gerrit)

Policy Management GUI / NONRTRIC Dashboard

Graphical user interface

  • View and Manage A1 policies in the RAN (near-RT-RICs)
  • Interacts with the Policy agent’s NBI (REST API)
  • Graphical A1 policy creation/editing is model-driven, based on policy type’s JSON schema
  • Implementation:
  • Frontend: Angular framework
  • Backend Java Springboot application
  • (To be moved to portal/nonrtric-controlpanel repo)

Please refer this developer guide to set up in your local environment.

Policy Agent / A1 Policy Management Service (“Policy Agent” v1)

The Policy Agent is a micro service which maintains a transient repository of:

  • All configured A1 policies instances in the network. Each policy is targeted to a Near-RT-RIC instance and is owned by a 'service' (R-APP or the NONRTRIC Dashboard).
  • All NearRT RICs in the network. This information can be maintained using the ONAP CDS database (which is using the Cloudify Consul database).
  • All Policy types for all Near-RT-RICs
  • All configured Policy instances in the network

It provides :

  • Unified REST & DMAAP APIs for managing A1 Policies in all near-RT-RICs
  • Synchronized view of policy instances for each R-APP (soon)
  • Synchronized view of policy instances in all near-RT-RICs
  • Synchronized view of policy types in all near-RT-RICs
  • Policy Query API (e.g. per near-RT-RIC, per R-APP (soon), per policy type)
  • Unified nearRTRIC-ID to nearRTRIC-address mapping (e.g. can include mapping to A&A1, CMDBs etc to “find” near-RT-RICs - soon)
  • Placeholder “O1 ManagedElement” mapping database interface to find appropriate near-RT-RIC to address A1 operations for required RAN elements (e.g. connection to A&AI, RuntimeDB, other CMDBs etc - soon)
  • Monitors all near-RT-RICs and recovers from inconsistencies (multiple strategies - soon) – e.g. near-RT-RIC restarts
  • Support for different Southbound connectors per near-RT-RIC – e.g. different A1 versions, different near-RT-RIC version, different A1 adapter/controllers supports different or proprietary A1 controllers/EMSs

Controller / A1Adaptor:

Mediation point for A1 interface termination in SMO/NONRTRIC

  • Implemented as OSGI Feature/Bundles
  • A1 Rest southbound
  • NETCONF YANG Northbound
  • RESTCONF > NETCONF adapter
  • Mapping logic / Provider
  • Can be included in an any SDNC/CCSDK persona

Please refer this page guide to set up SDNC in your local environment.

Near-RT-RIC Simulator:

Stateful A1 test stub

  • Used to create multiple stateful A1 providers (simulated near-RT-RICs)
  • Implemented as a Java Springboot application
  • Swagger-based northbound interface, so easy to change the A1 profile exposed

  • (To be moved to sim/a1-interface repo)
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