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  1. Martin Skorupski We need to know what the event is after message 14 so OTF can susbcribe to that message! I could not find it in the flows I received.

    1. The related jira:

      Ravi Pendurty : could you please provide the related topic and an example json here- many thanks...

      Thanks Ravi to the details:

      David Kinsey : OTF needs to subscribe for topic: unauthenticated.VES_NOTIFICATION_OUTPUT

      Here is an example of the content:

        "event": {
          "commonEventHeader": {
          "domain": "notification",
          "eventId": "<identifier of the O-DU>_<connection-status>_<sequence-number>",
          "eventName": "<identifier of the O-DU>_<connection-status>_<sequence-number>",
          "eventType": "",
          "lastEpochMicrosec": 161337345785800,
          "nfcNamingCode": "",
          "nfNamingCode": "",
          "nfVendorName": "",
          "priority": "Normal",
          "reportingEntityName": "ONAP SDN-R",
          "sequence": 9,
          "sourceId": "",
          "sourceName": "<identifier of the O-DU>",
          "startEpochMicrosec": 161337345785800,
          "timeZoneOffset": "+00:00",
          "version": "4.1",
          "vesEventListenerVersion": "7.1.1"
        "notificationFields": {
          "arrayOfNamedHashMap": [],
         "changeIdentifier": "<identifier of the O-DU>",
         "changeType": "ConnectionState",
         "newState": "Connected",
         "notificationFieldsVersion": "2.0"