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Primary Goals:

1. Alignment to the ORAN WG8 AAD specification O-RAN.WG8.AAD.0-R003-v09.00

2. Alignment to E2 interface specification O-RAN.WG3.E2AP-R003-v03.00

3. Multi UE (max=2) scheduling per TTI in scheduler

4. End-to-end integration 

5. XML based input configuration

I release Feature Scope

PTL:  Ankit Barve 

Status on  

I release highlights/accomplishments ():

  • Alignment to the ORAN WG8 AAD specification O-RAN.WG8.AAD.0-R003-v09.00
    • Aligning to the latest WG8 AAD specification O-RAN.WG8.AAD.0-R003-v09.00, raised CR in WG8 for upcoming AAD specification
  • O-RAN.WG3.E2SM-KPM-R003-v03.00.)Alignment to E2 interface specification O-RAN.WG3.E2GAP-R003-v03.00 & O-RAN.WG3.E2AP-R003-v03.00
    (with basic functionalities of service model  O-RAN.WG3.E2SM-KPM-R003-v03.00.)
    • support for global procedures
              E2 Setup
              E2 Node Configuration Update
              RIC Service Update
              E2 Connection Update
              E2 Removal
              E2 Reset
              Error Indication
    • Support for Near RT RIC functional procedures
              RIC Subscription
              RIC Subscription Modification
              RIC Subscription Modification Required
              RIC Subscription Delete
              RIC Subscription Delete Required
              RIC Indication
  • Multi UE (max=2) scheduling per TTI in scheduler (DL part)
    • Enhancing scheduler to schedule multiple UEs per TTI in DL part    
  • End-to-end integration 
    • Integration stopped due to the unavailability of TM500 in the NTUST lab, to be resumed once the TM500 is available.
  • XML based input configuration
    • converting from static configuration to xml file based configuration
  • I release source code, container images, and deployment instructions (and status)

source code:;a=shortlog;h=refs%2Fheads%2Fi-release
Release notes:
Code coverage: NA (Unit test framework not available)