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Release Name

Current Phase

Release Date

Next Phase

TimelineRSAC requirements at release start
E releaseDevelopmentDec 2021Test and DeploySee belowlink
D ReleaseCurrent Release


EOLsee belowlink






EOLnot available

Status Definitions:



1PlanningPre-M0.  The release name has been chosen and tentative milestone dates have been determined.
2Requirements DefinitionBetween M0 and M1.  Timeline is approved.  Epics and User Stories are labeled with the release names and entered into jira.
3DevelopmentAfter M1 and before release.  Code development for sprints updated in jira.
4Current ReleaseThe approved output of the release process which interested end users should be deploying. This release will be maintained until it is replaced by the next release.
5End of Life (EOL)Release is complete.

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  1. The release date for "Cherry" is given as 12th December 2020 and the Cherry Release Revised Sprint Calendar 2020 also shows that the Cherry release is in the week of 8th-12th December 2020. But the "Current Phase" of Cherry Release is being shown above in the Release Timelines table as "Requirements Definition" and the Next Phase as "Development". 

    I am more surprised by this page's update time 

    "Created by Farheen Cefalu, last modified by Rittwik Jana on Mar 03, 2021"

    Is this a typo? Or there is still active development to be done for Cherry Release?

    Is Cherry Release done or not?

    1. cherry is done. I updated this wiki page accordingly.

  2. Is D release done or not? The timeline is outdated.