Welcome to the J release page for the O-RAN Software community.

The J release is currently in incubation; initiating the definition of the requirements


Non-Real-time RIC (NONRTRIC)

J-Release - Highlights:
  • Major improvements in new rApp Manager
    • Includes several sample/starter rApps
  • Major improvements in new Service Manager
    • Fully functional rApp repository & life-cycle manager
  • Improvements in Function Test environments
    • Supports latest releases, and expand set of use cases tested
  • Continued improvements for A1-Policy functions (ONAP CCSDK)
    • Added new O-RAN R1-compliant A1-Policy-Management northbound API (A1-PMS-v3)
    • Added tracing support for all northbound (R1) and southbound (A1) interfaces
  • Maintained & support existing NONRTRIC functions & service - best effort (See below)
  • Updates to OSC Integrated SMO deployment scripts & charts
  • Improvements in stability, 3PP vulnerability, test coverage & quality
  • Continued engagement with O-RAN Alliance working groups for standardization alignment

J Release - Tasks:

Wiki: https://wiki.o-ran-sc.org/display/RICNR

Latest Architecture: 


Tasks / Backlog / JIRA: https://jira.o-ran-sc.org/projects/NONRTRIC/issues

Gerrit / Source Code:

Sonar / Test Coverage Reports




Weekly Meetings:

Release J - Demos

  • (in progress)

Release J - Container images

Release J - Deployment Instructions

Near-Real-time RIC X-APPs (RICAPP)

Primary Goals: Expand the community on open source xApps for O-RAN SC. 

 Update and maintain the existing xApps to latest releases (currently J Release).

Enhance the set of open source xApps in support of the RSAC use cases (traffic steering, network slicing) and add new xApps.

New RUST framework based xApp hw-rust will be added in J release. 

New xApp to support E2SM CCC will be added in this release  

J release plan:  

  • New HW-Rust xApp to support RUST framework. - Added 
  • New ad-cell xApp to detect cell level anomaly. - Moving to next release
  • New ccc xApp to support E2SM CCC. - Moving to next release

Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  Total (10)

Completed Epics & Story:

RICAPP-232 - hw-rust xApp for i-release

Completed Tasks

RICAPP-233: Missing Readiness and Liveness Probes in kpimon-go xApp

J release highlights/accomplishments:

  • HW-Rust xApp is added to support the new xApp framework.
  • AD & QP xApp are maintained to support J-release. 
  • KPIMON-Go bug fixes update. (Missing Readiness and Liveness Probes in kpimon-go xApp )
  • KPIMON-Go & Bouncer xApps are maintained to support J-release.

J release source code, container images and deployment instructions

The list of container images (Link)

Code Coverage Reports :  Projects - O-RAN Software Community (sonarcloud.io)

Near-Real-time RAN Intelligent Controller Platform (E2 Interface) (RICPLT)

Theme: Make the platform more robust in handling E2AP, conflicts and A1

Original primary goals based on contributions from Nokia, Samsung, Capgemini, HCL Alexandre Huff (UTFPR), GS Lab and Abhijit G:

  • Additional messages: modify src code to be more lenient in ordering of IEs in ASN.1 (RIC-1030, GS)
  • tests with mock replies for subscriptions, registrations and alarms in xapp framework for Rust (RIC-1028, AG)
  • Handling of E2 Error Indication from E2 node at E2M and Sub manager (RIC-1024, N)
  • Graceful Handling of Unsupported E2AP Procedure at E2T (RIC-1023, N)
  • Handling of SCTP Abort message from E2 Node (RIC-1022, N)  
  • remove leading zeros in gnb, cu, du ID , MCC and MNC (RIC-1021, N)
  • Abnormal signaling process cause E2Term crash (Bug RIC-1002, N)
  • Handling of RIC Error indication _during_ E2 setup (RIC-997, N)
  • E2 Conflict management between xApps (RIC-993, CG)
  • implement test cases for xapp-frame-cpp (RIC-950, H)
  • Support Startup/Health script demonstrating release capabilities (RIC-926, H)
  • A1 mediator testing in nanobot (RIC-926, H)
  • xapp testing nanobot enhancements: wider coverage of functionality, e.g., Subscription deletion (RIC-860, H)
  • scale-in and scale out using K8S operators (details still open) (RIC-1048, S)

Link to planned Jira work items: link

Completed Items:

  • Graceful Handling of Unsupported E2AP Procedure at E2T (RIC-1023, N)
  • Handling of SCTP Abort message from E2 Node (RIC-1022, N)  
  • Abnormal signaling process cause E2Term crash (Bug RIC-1002, N)
  • Handling of RIC Error indication _during_ E2 setup (RIC-997, N)

Achieved J release highlights = high-level release notes (23-06-2024) below (note that the release image list is here: TODO)

  • Robustness in E2 AP procedure handling by means of handling unsupported E2AP Procedures, RIC Error Indication and SCTP abort messages.
  • Then near real times installation now uses newer k8s version 1.28.x.
  • Upgraded kong to newer version 2.38.0

The J release has 7 bugs fixed.

Filled in end-of-release checklist:  Release criteria checklist - Release J

Status 23-06-2024: From the 13 epics planned (link) we implemented 3 (link). 10 items have been moved out of the J release, e.g, because of implementation delays (link). Additionally, we fixed 7 bugs (link). One security issue is pending RIC-1001(CVE-2023-41627) to be resolved and will be attempted in next release. 

J release source code, container images and deployment instructions

The list of container images for the release (link). A demo video for the J release deployment is available at the top of the demo page and shows

  • how to deploy the near-RT RIC platform,
  • compile connect the E2 (e2 node) simulator from the OSC simulator project and
  • compile the hw-go xapp from the xapp project and use the dms_cli to deploy it and check the E2 subscriptions the xApp created.

Code coverage: Code coverage reports (current coverage and a list of components that still needs to be set up Jenkins job for auto-generation of the reports as part of CI)

Mapping of new features to O-RAN Spec

RIC-1024, RIC-997 relate to correct implementation of ErrorIndication as defined in E2AP in addition to other failure cases that are defined in E2AP.

RIC-993 is an implementation of E2 guidance for conflict mitigation (see RICHARCH 6.0 draft). As WG3 is still in the process of specifying this we may have to adapt later.

Operation and Maintenance (OAM)

Primary Goals:

  • update of O-RAN WG10 VES message bodies
  • update of O-RAN WG4 optional VES bodies
  • update of OAM-Controller to OpenDaylight version Potassium-SR1
  • support of other O-RAN-SC projects (e.g. SMO, Non-RT-RIC, O-DU, INT) based on RSAC and other input.
  • support of OAI and nephio integration with O-RAN-SC related to OAM

J release Feature Scope

Please see also project wiki for further details: J-Release

J release highlights/accomplishments:

Please see release details:

  • Created a new tool that generates a topology of O-RAN components
  • Triggered discussions around potential problems in WG10 YANG models

J release source code, container images and deployment instructions (and status)

Jira: Count of Epics ( 15 issues ), User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  166 issues

Source Code:


O-RAN Central Unit (OCU)

Primary Goals:

  • In the absence of O-CU, Radisys commercial CU image is to be used for E2E testing

J release Feature Scope

J Release Feature Scope: 

  • NA




Primary Goals:

1. Multi UE (max=2) scheduling per TTI in scheduler UL part

2. End-to-end integration 

3. OSC-OAI Collaboration

4. XML based input configuration enhancement

J release Feature Scope

PTL:  Ankit Barve 

Status on  

J release highlights/accomplishments ():

  • Multi UE (max=2) scheduling per TTI in scheduler (UL part)
    • Enhancing scheduler to schedule multiple UEs per TTI in UL part.
  • End-to-end integration
    • Integration resumed in this release with ODU-LOW and TM500 but decoding of packets at TM500 failing, awaiting ODU-LOW new binary to resume integration.
  • XML based input configuration enhancement
  • OSC-OAI Collaboration
    • Environment setup at both OAI and Radisys to start integration locally.
    • Aligning OAI with WLS based integration with ODU-High
    • Aligning to standard FAPI interface to integrate with OAI L1
  • J release source code, container images, and deployment instructions (and status)

source code: https://gerrit.o-ran-sc.org/r/gitweb?p=o-du%2Fl2.git;a=shortlog;h=refs%2Fheads%2Fj-release
Release notes: https://docs.o-ran-sc.org/projects/o-ran-sc-o-du-l2/en/latest/release-notes.html#j-release
Document: https://docs.o-ran-sc.org/projects/o-ran-sc-o-du-l2/en/latest/
Code coverage: NA (Unit test framework not available)


Primary Goals:

J release Feature Scope

PTL:  Peng Lu , Alternate: @Chenxi Yue

J release highlights/accomplishments ():

  • review code release strategy with xFAPI
  • new code base - moving to next release

J release source code, container images, and deployment instructions (and status)

source code: 
Release notes: 
Code coverage: 

Simulators (SIM)

Primary Goals:

  • Keep alignment with latest O-RAN specifications (O1, E2)

J Feature Scope / Achievements:

  • Work on a new Python framework for the O1 Simulator
  • Provide datasets to the AI/ML team for training

Sprint Demos:

Jira: Count of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues: 

J release highlights/accomplishments:

J release source code, container images and deployment instructions

Source code:

Container images are described here.

Instructions: no specific instructions.

Code coverage: in progress (sonar for C/C++ code in LF repos).

Service Management and Orchestration Layer (SMO)

Primary Goals:

The primary goal of SMO in the H-release is to act as glue between the different components of O-RAN.

J release Feature Scope

Improve O2 DMS ETSi profile.

  1. Fault management - First take

Develop O2 interfaces and integrate with OSC INF (would expand to multiple releases):

  1. FOCOM interfaces to the INF (O-Cloud) Interfaces.
  2. NFO K8s profile to Deploy a CNF on top of the cluster created through OSC-INF

Develop a Topology & Inventory (TEIV) registry & exposure capability

J release highlights/accomplishments ():

J release source code, container images and deployment instructions (and status)

J release source code for SMO can be found in the following repositories

The container images for SMO can be found on the Nexus server, where applicable.
The container images for OpenStack Tacker can be found in OpenStack Kolla repository.

The OpenStack Tacker container can be started with the steps in the following documentation.

The installation instructions for SMO can be found in the documentation page here.


The status of the SMO project is tracked using JIRA epic items. For the latest status refer to the items below.

  • SMO-146 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • SMO-145 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • SMO-144 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • SMO-135 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Infrastructure (INF)

Primary Goals: 

  • Implement the O-Cloud reference design, provide the real time performance to allow the O-CU, O-DU and other components running on top of it.
  • Provide interaction capabilities with other components.
  • Provide O2 interface and support integration with SMO.

J release Feature Scope:  

  • Update INF Platform to aligned with StarlingX 9.0
  • Update O2 implementation to aligned with new Spec Ver 6.0
  • Develop OKD as alternative O-Cloud platform

J release highlights/accomplishments (  ):

  • Updated INF Platform to aligned with StarlingX 9.0
  • Updated O2 implementation to aligned with new Spec Ver 6.0
  • Introduced OKD as alternative O-Cloud platform (VM automation deployment supported)

Jira: Status of Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:

Update at  

  • EPICs:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  • Stories:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  •  Tasks:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

  •  Bugs:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Test status:

Code coverage:

Release Note:

INF Release Notes

INF O2 Release Notes

J release source code, images and deployment instructions

Integration and Test (INT)

Primary Goals: 

  • Successful integration of TM500 with O-DU-high and O-DU-low
  • Integration of OSC-OAI
  • Expand pairwire tests coverage and improve the level of automation

PTL: James Li

J release highlights/accomplishments:

  • Integration tests with commercial gNBs + SMO + NonRT RIC for Energy Saving use cases
  • Preliminary integration of OSC Non-RT +  OSC Near RT  RIC integration and OSC AIML Framework + OSC Non-RT RIC integration
  • OAI/OSC interoperability test
  • Utilizes the XTesting framework of POWDER Labs to trigger CI/CD processes that covers a wide range of O-RAN projects including Near RT RIC, Non RT RIC, AI/ML, xApps, etc

J release source code, container images and deployment instructions:

gerrit (look for the latest changes for H release from the following repositories):




AIML Framework (AIMLFW)

Primary Goals: 

  • Platform upgrade with latest dependencies for kubernetes, kubeflow and leofs.
  • Align with O-RAN alliance approaches captured in WG2 specifications.
  • Use cases on 
    • UAV path prediction
    • Energy saving use case
  • Study on new capabilities e.g. generic training pipeline, model retraining and cloud native support.

J release highlights/accomplishments:

  • Platform upgraded to latest supported dependencies of kubernetes and kubeflow.
  • Platform dependency from docker is removed (it directly depends on containerd).
  • Study has been initiated to study generic pipeline and model retraining.
  • Remove influx info from Training Job Creation.

EPICs considered for J-release:

AIMLFW-78 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-86 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-100 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-101 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-102 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-97 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-98 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-96 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-77 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-85 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-93 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-76 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-91 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-79 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-87 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-88 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-80 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-90 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-89 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-81 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-94 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-82 - Getting issue details... STATUS

AIMLFW-95 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wiki: AI/ML Framework

Tasks / Backlog / JIRA:  https://jira.o-ran-sc.org/projects/AIMLFW/issues

Gerrit / Code:

Sonar / Test Coverage Reports:



Installation/Demo guides:

AIMLFW: https://docs.o-ran-sc.org/projects/o-ran-sc-aiml-fw-aimlfw-dep/en/latest/installation-guide.html

Demo videos:

Files for J release

Release Container images:

  • Training manager component: nexus3.o-ran-sc.org:10002/o-ran-sc/aiml-fw-awmf-tm-docker:2.0.0
  • Data extraction component: nexus3.o-ran-sc.org:10002/o-ran-sc/aiml-fw-athp-data-extraction-docker:2.0.0
  • Kubeflow adapter component: nexus3.o-ran-sc.org:10002/o-ran-sc/aiml-fw-athp-tps-kubeflow-adapter-docker:2.0.0
  • AIMLFW dashboard component: nexus3.o-ran-sc.org:10002/o-ran-sc/portal-aiml-dashboard-docker:2.1.0
  • AIMLFW notebook component: nexus3.o-ran-sc.org:10002/o-ran-sc/portal-aiml-notebook-docker:2.1.0
  • AIMLFW Model Management service component: nexus3.o-ran-sc.org:10002/o-ran-sc/aiml-fw-awmf-modelmgmtservice-docker:2.0.0

O-RAN specification References:

  • O-RAN AI/ML workflow description and requirements
  • O-RAN R1 interface: General Aspects and Principles
  • O-RAN Non-RT RIC Architecture 
  • O-RAN R1 interface: Use Cases and Requirements

Documentation (DOC)

Primary Goals: publish J release document

J release Feature Scope: publish J release document

PTL: weichen ni 

J release highlights/accomplishments ():

publish J release document:https://docs.o-ran-sc.org/en/latest/

Release Note:

Add J release document branch to DOC project, link the homepage to the document of each project.

J release source code, images and deployment instructions


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