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O-RAN Central Unit (OCU)



The O-CU project provides reference implementation according to the O-RAN WG8 documents. In addition we provide the implementation of RRC SDAP PDCP and F1AP module and API between them.

  • Integrated eNB function
  • The O-CU should target an initial software deliverable with limited and necessary functionality, i.e. RRC, SDAP, PDCP, F1AP according to the <Base Station O-DU and O-CU Software Architecture and APIs> in O-RAN alliance.
  • E2 interface. O-CU shall implement a basic E2 interface in the future release.



Weekly Meetings


The update for Release cherry is coming in December 2020.  In this release, code submits will focus on functions as RRC, SDAP, PDCP, F1AP.

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  1. Hello, can someone please update me on the status of the O-CU component? I can only find this related repository which has not been updated in 16 months - Is there a more updated code base somewhere and is there any documentation I can follow?

    Many thanks,


    1. Michael, the O-CU project was halted due to a lack of contributor resources. Today, OSC uses a binary test stub provided by Radisys for end-to-end testing.

  2. Hi ,any updates on O-CU Deployment. I tried to find out some info but not enough. If anybody has some deployment steps so pls suggest .