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RIC and SMO Installation completed 

Step 1: Obtaining the Deployment Scripts and Charts

NOTE:  cd to your directory where installation will be, i.e. /home/user

Run ...

$ sudo -i

$ git clone

$ cd dep
$ git submodule update --init --recursive --remote
Step 2: Generation of cloud-init Script 
Run ...

$ sudo -i
Note: After doing sudo -i you will need to return to user home directory. You will need to go /home/user.

$ cd /home/user/dep/tools/k8s/bin
./   # will generate the stack install script for what RIC needs

#  The outputted script is will be used for preparing K8 cluster for RIC to deploy to file is  ""

Step 3: Update Version Combination SMO part

Run ...  For SMO 

$ cd ../etc
$ vi infra.rc   # Review and edit the versions, using the combination for ONAP Frankfurt
$ cd ../bin
$ ./   # The stack install script for ONAP will be generated.

Step 4: Installation of Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, etc.

Run ...

$ ./

NOTE: Be patient as this takes some time to complete. Upon completion of this script, the VM will be rebooted.  You will then need to login once again.

$ sudo -i

$ kubectl get pods --all-namespaces  # There should be  9 pods running in kube-system namespace.

Step 5:  Deploy RIC using Recipe

Run ...

$ cd /home/user/dep/bin
$ ./deploy-ric-platform -f ../RECIPE_EXAMPLE/PLATFORM/example_recipe.yaml
$ kubectl get pods -n ricplt   # There should be ~16 pods running in the ricplt namespace.  

Step 6:  Onboarding an xAPP

$ cd /home/user/dep

# Create the file that will contain the URL used to start the on-boarding process...
$ echo '{ "config-file.json_url": ";a=blob_plain;f=init/config-file.json;hb=HEAD" }' > onboard.hw.url

# Start on-boarding process...
$ curl --location --request POST "http://$(hostname):32080/onboard/api/v1/onboard/download" --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-binary "@./onboard.hw.url"
NOTE:  Message "Created" will b e displayed upon completion

# Verify list of all on-boarded xApps...
$ curl --location --request GET "http://$(hostname):32080/onboard/api/v1/charts"
Step 7:  Deploy Test xApp (HelloWorld xApp)


#  Verify xApp is not running...

kubectl get pods -n ricxapp

# Call xApp Manager to deploy HelloWorld xApp...

curl --location --request POST "http://$(hostname):32080/appmgr/ric/v1/xapps"  --header 'Content-Type: application/json'  --data-raw '{"xappName": "hwxapp"}'

#  Verify xApp is running...

kubectl get pods -n ricxapp

#  View logs...

$ kubectl logs -n ricxapp <name of POD retrieved from statement above>

Helpful Hints

Kubectl commads:

kubectl get pods -n nampespace - gets a list of Pods running

kubectl get logs -n namespace name_of_running_pod

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