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This page will contain the schedule, agenda, and minutes summary/details for meetings of the O-RAN SC Requirements and Software Architecture Committee.

Weekly Meeting Notes

6-4-19, 9 pm Eastern

Reviewed and addressed comments

  • Created epics for different project groups
 O-RAN SC Ver A SW Requirements 20190604a.docx
7-30-19, 9 pm

Reviewed epics

  • INT-A-F212 clarification added in annex for PNF registration
  • RICNRT-A-F10 for OSC  Rel A ?
  • INF-A-F01 epic clarification needed from Paul Carver
  • INT-A-F013 - recruit Eliza Celenti to stand up OTF framework for Rel A
  • RICAPP-A-F110 - UE Monitor for slicing
    • Jun Hyuk Song to provide clarification of this epic, UE-NIB, overlap with UE Manager xApp
O-RAN SC Ver A SW Requirements 20190730a.docx
8-1-19, 9 am

Reviewed Epics

Start planning for Release B - Can we use JIRA for the planning phase in addition to the Word doc?

Move Release planning cadence to once a week. Alternate between evening and day every other week.

Where is the Integration and Test Environment? How do we set up the test env? Couple of possibilities. Check with John Murray

  • Tlab (AT&T)
  • OTIC (O-RAN Test and Integration Centre - Asia/Europe/North America (inter-connected)
  • Windriver lab ?
  • CMCC ?

9/26/19, 9am

OSC and WG review meeting 1

WG review meeting 1 recording
1/7/2020, 9pm


Bronze release documents

Epics spreadsheet: RSAC_Bronze_release_planning.xlsx

Traffic steering use case: RSAC_Bronze_Use Case-Traffic Steering QoE.doc

Health check use case: RSAC_Bronze_HealthCheck_UseCase.docx

2/17/2020, 11pm EST

Discussed Bronze at a glance updates from each OSC project. Slides - 


2/19/2020, 11pm EST

Viavi presented a range of simulators that will be valuable for OSC use case testing and validation. Slides - 

Action: Discuss in OSC TOC meeting regarding Viavi 


9 am EST


9 pm EDT

Bronze rel. – PTL reports from ODU LOW, INT



9 am EDT


Viavi's short term and long term proposal for OSC  


9 am EDT

Meeting Recording:

ENGWEI KOO to setup meeting with Rittwik Jana Ron Shacham to discuss Viavi simulation parameters for traffic steering 

Sachin Srivastava Ganesh Shenbagaraman to setup meeting with ENGWEI KOO to discuss Viavi testing with O-DU HIGH

Martin Skorupski to draw up some some slides on cherry release requirement for s/w mgmt of X-RAN RU to O-RAN RU

Alex Stancu to setup meeting with Ron Shacham for 4/13 on E2 simulator enhancement



Meeting Recording: rsac-20200428.mp4

5/12/2020 9 PM EDT

Topic: Cherry release planning
Start Time : May 12, 2020 09:00 PM

Meeting Recording:

RSAC requesting PTLs to start suggesting EPICS for Cherry


INF project cherry epics


Sachin Srivastava Zhimin Yuan to discuss on bronze maintenance release testing (P5 msg exchange, etc.)

Xiaohua Zhang to check for testing possibilities for DU-LOW and DU-HIGH at Windriver 

Rittwik Jana Lusheng Ji to check on OSC lab status for L1 stack  by 6/30

ENGWEI KOO to check with Ken and Ultan on Viavi providing sim log files for TS scenario by 6/30

ENGWEI KOO to share common config file IOT profile between O-RU, DU-Low and DU-high 

Common IOT profile 



  • O-DU and O-RU stub testing (Bronze maint.) (Zhimin Yuan , Lusheng Ji ); Have access to the box, waiting for Windriver to complete SW install before their SW can be installed
  • KPIMON xAPP integration with Near-RT RIC (Matti Hiltunen , Ron ShachamENGWEI KOO )
    • Working with Samsung and Near-RT RIC, problem with Subscription Mgr
    • E2SIM has Viavi Schema and has demonstrated flow, waiting on 10 minute playback file from Viavi.
    • Viavi indicates file wont be available until 7/24. Could work and lower risk with shorter file, Viavi will look into that.
  • Cherry SMO Proposal (Martin Skorupski , Tracy Van Brakle )
    • Proposal presented
    • Discussion on external SMO open source alignment (John Keeney )
    • Discussed possibility of sub-project instead of new project (John Keeney )
  • SMO LCM and Application Deploy Scenarios (Martin Skorupski )



O-DU High status (PPT attached)



  • Discussion regarding O-CU MVP requirements for OSC
    • Implement HO for traffic steering, defer E1 interface for Cherry
    • Ganesh Shenbagaraman to raise topic to TOC for 8/19
  • Discussion regarding OSC and TIFG MVP requirements 

Meeting Recording:

Access Password: zYN&Hv3s

TIFG-OSC meeting slides



  • Discussion about OSC lab setup and timelines for testing and integration

    Week starting

    Sept 7 – Configure Intel servers and install OS (windriver, server 1)

    Sept 14 – O-DU Low software installation and unit testing with stub RU simulator (server 1)

    Sept 21 – O-DU High software installation and unit testing with stub CU simulator (server 1)

    Sept 21 – Viavi O-RU emulator, O-CU emulator, EPC installation on (Server 2)

    Sept 28 –  O-CU software installation and unit testing (Server 2)

    Oct 5 – O-DU high and O-CU unit testing

    Oct 19 – UE attachment and HO test

    Oct 26 – UE attachment and HO test

    The OSC lab server addresses are

    Server 1

    Management IP

    Interface 1

    Server 2

    Management IP




Intel servers configured in OSC lab for O-DU testing

Intel and Radisys installing DU-low and DU-high s/w this week; SCTP libraries need to be installed; Sphoorthi Dayanandto reach out to Rich for help

Ganesh Shenbagaraman checking internally for compatibility for O-CU s/w contribution from Radisys (closed source)

Ron Shacham to provide simulated trace files to Alex Stancu  from Viavi sim into SIM repo  

Rittwik Jana David Kinsey to draft preliminary plan for D release;  

Requesting All PTLs to start thinking about D release work epics and Cherry flow over items

Meeting Recording: Passcode: Qw*z$6Zb 



Meeting Recording (Access Passcode: h&k2htXH)

Martin Skorupski to perform code review for O1 requested by Sphoorthi Dayanand

Zhimin Yuan Sphoorthi Dayanand to set up debugging session for pairwise O-DU low O-DU high testing

Rittwik Jana , Rich Wright to check if P3000 card in O-DU low server ( is connected correctly in OSC lab

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