This page describes O-DU High/Low pairwise testing procedure in Timer mode.

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  1. Cloning O-DU High code

    mkdir odu_high
    cd odu_high
    git clone ""
  2. Cloning O-DU Low code

    mkdir odu_low
    cd odu_low
    - git clone ""
    - Download code from ""
  3. Install O-DU High pre-requisite libraries by following .
  4. Install O-DU Low by following .
  5. Compilation Preparation

    mkdir odu_high/l2/src/wls_lib
    mkdir odu_high/l2/src/dpdk_lib
    cp odu_low/phy/wls_lib/wls_lib.h odu_high/l2/src/wls_lib/
    cp odu_low/dpdk-19.11/x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc/include/rte_* odu_high/l2/src/dpdk_lib/

    DPDK library

    O-DU low instructs to build DPDK using x86_64-native-linuxapp-icc

    O-DU high uses x86_64-native-linuxapp-gcc, or library will be missing.

  6. Compilation

    cd odu_high/l2/build/odu

    Hardcoded Library Location

    The makefile of odu assumes the required libraries is located at /opt/intel
    Modification of the makefile is needed if the libraries are located at different location.
  7. Execution - Bringing up L1 of O-DU Low

    cd odu_low/phy
    source ./
    cd odu_low/FlexRAN/l1/bin/nr5g/gnb/l1
    ./ -e
    Non BBU threads in application
    nr5g_gnb_phy2mac_api_proc_stats_thread: [PID:   8659] binding on [CPU  0] [PRIO:  0] [POLICY:  1]
    wls_rx_handler (non-rt):                [PID:   8663] binding on [CPU  0]
    PHY>welcome to application console

    Dynamic Library Path

    May need to include the paths to the following libraries in the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH




  8. Execution - Bringing up FAPI Translator of O-DU Low

    cd odu_low/phy
    source ./
    cd odu_low/phy/fapi_5g/bin/
    ./oran_5g_fapi –cfg=oran_5g_fapi.cfg
  9. Assign virtual IP addresses as follows:

    ifconfig <interface name>:ODU “”
    ifconfig <interface name>:CU_STUB “”
    ifconfig <interface name>:RIC_STUB “”
  10. Execution - Running CU Stub

    cd odu_high/bin/cu_stub
  11. Execution - Running RIC Stub

    cd odu_high/bin/ric_stub
  12. Execution - Running O-DU High

    cd odu_high/bin/odu
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=odu_low/phy/wls_lib/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Zhe Huang,

    I am attempting to deploy O-DU high and O-DU low as part of an end-to-end network consisting of O-RAN SC components. This guide is just what I need so thank you for putting it together!

    One thing I am confused about is in step 9 when assigning virtual IP addresses - I do not know what interfaces to select i.e. why do you select 'eth0' in the tutorial video? Ideally, I would like to connect O-DU to an instance of the Near RT-RIC (dawn release) - is this possible? From what I understand, I should aim to connect O-DU with the e2-termination pod in the RIC's K8s cluster, but I'm unsure how to achieve this through assigning virtual IPs.

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    All the best,