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According to the O-RAN-SC-OAM-Architecture document, all ManagedElements (near-real-time-RIC, O-CU-CP, O-CU-UP, O-DU and O-RU) implement the O1-interface.

The O-RAN-OAM-interface specification defines

  • a NetConf-Server for Configuration Management (CM) and
  • a http-client for Fault Managment (FM), Performance Management (PM) and other events

on each Management-Service-Provider (MnS-Provider) running on the ManagedElement (ME).

The O-RAN-SC-OAM project provides reference implementation according to the O-RAN OAM (WG1) documents. In addition we provide a common MnS-Consumer for development and module test purposes.  The assumption is that the projects for the ManagedElements can concentrate on the more important user-plane.

Of course each project needs its own OAM repo to address the specific needs of the ManagedElement.

OAM Architecture


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