The OAM architecture is defined by WG1 in the O-RAN OAM architecture document. WG2 clarified the function split between non-real-time-RIC and an Orchestrator FCAPS Framework. Please see the attached document

O1 Component Architecture

According to the O-RAN-OAM-interface specification (O1) each MnS Provider (ME) implements a (TLS/)NetConf interface for Configuration Management and consumes TLS/HTTP-POST messages with a json body in VES message format.  

The method for the VES subscription/un-subscription must be performed via NetConf, because VES itself does not provide such function. The MnS Consumer will use the NetConf interface for such an operation.

Integration into SMO

In the meeting from 2019-08-26 was clarified the expected integration of the OAM Architecture into a Service Management and Orchestration Framework (SMO).

The  VES collectors will receive the VES messages of the O1 interface.

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  1. O1* renamed O2 in WG1