The OAM architecture is defined by WG1 in the O-RAN OAM architecture document. WG2 clarified the function split between non-real-time-RIC and an Orchestrator FCAPS Framework. Please see the attached document

O1 Component Architecture

According to the O-RAN-OAM-interface specification (O1) each MnS Provider (ME) implements a (TLS/)NetConf interface for Configuration Management and consumes TLS/HTTP-POST messages with a json body in VES message format.  

The method for the VES subscription/un-subscription must be performed via NetConf, because VES itself does not provide such function. The MnS Consumer will use the NetConf interface for such an operation.

LicenseApache 2.0O-RAN-SCO1-interface Component Architecture  Management-Service (MnS) ConsumerOAM Controller  Management-Service (MnS) ProviderManagedElement TLS/HTTP VES-Provider NetConf Client TLS/NetConf NetConf Server VES Consumer provides provides use useThanks to plantUml!2019-07-16 |

Integration into SMO

In the meeting from 2019-08-26 was clarified the expected integration of the OAM Architecture into a Service Management and Orchestration Framework (SMO).

The  VES collectors will receive the VES messages of the O1 interface.

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  1. O1* renamed O2 in WG1