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  • Moving to next ODL version Sodium → module testing ongoing
  • Update to JAVA 11 → module testing ongoing


  • Analysis of the "Application LCM" use case
  • Contributions by Samsung
    • comparison of App deployment by
      • ONAP SO/CDS CSAR (Cloud Service ARchive) packages
      • ONAP DCAE µServices 
    • Current view
      • Enhancements of the DCAE app deployment seems fitting best
      • CSAR could be used as O2 pre-spec deployment option for O-RAN VNF/CNF (near-rt-ric, O-CU-UP, O-CU-CP,  O-DU)
    • Open
      • resource allocation 
  • Updates of O1-TR069-Adapter
    • Modularization of the currently "monolithic" YANG module.
  • Preparation of supporting gRPC for Transport (WG9)
    • no decision yet


  • No feedback from OTF team
  • No feedback from RIC Dashboard team

O-RAN related open-source activities

  • OAM project uses and contributes directly to
    • ONAP CCSDK, SDNC project based on OpenDaylight project, based on Apache Karaf
      • O1 NetConf termination of the SMO according to O-RAN-OAM Architecture and OAM interface specification and according to O-RAN FrontHaul m-Plane (WG4)
    • ONAP DCAE VES colletctor 
      • O1 VES termination of the SMO according to O-RAN-OAM Architecture and OAM interface specification
    • ONAP DCAE File Collector
      • O1 FTPeS termination of the SMO according to O-RAN-OAM Architecture and OAM interface specification
    • ONAP DMaaP as communication channel between the different O1 termination functions based on Apache Kafka
    • ONAP LOG
      • Centralized logging service based on ElasticStack (ElasticSearch, Logstash und Kibana)
    • ONAP AAF
      • Certification for TLS
    • ONAP OOM
      • Deployment of the solution based on DockerKubernetes and Helm
    • ElasticSearch as local Cache/database.
    • Alpine Linux as operating system
    • JAVA, Node, TypeScript, Python, OpenStackEclipse, vsCode. Papyrus, MaterialUI and many, many more for Development

A few examples from ONAP wiki:

o REQ-327: Standards Defined Notifications over VES
 Introducing the capability to receive, validate and process standards defined notifications encapsulated in VES events in ONAP.
 Components impacted: (DCAE; Modeling SC; VNF Req)

o REQ-352: Enhancing the A1 adapter/interface capabilities in ONAP to manage A1 Policies
 Support multiple A1 targets in the RAN and multi-version A1 interface for different A1 targets, introduce secure TLS communication.
 Components impacted: (CCSDK/CDS; SDN-C (SDN-R); Modeling SC)

o REQ-345: Optimization and SON functions for 5G RAN. Self-optimization, Self-Healing, Self-configuration
 Components impacted: (CCSDK/CDS; DCAE; OOF; Policy; SDN-C (SDN-R))

o REQ-318: PNF Plug and Play allows for ONAP to support PNF registration and discovery
 Components impacted: (SO; Modeling SC)

o REQ-324: The xNF Software Upgrade use case allows for ONAP to update the xNF software
 Components impacted: (AAI; SDC; SO; VID)

o REQ-381: Bulk PM data collection control provides a dynamic and efficient way to configure performance measurement collection
 Components impacted: (DCAE)

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