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Discussion items


next meeting

John, Mahesh, Alex and I agreed to move to Wednesday noon EDT - the former ONAP SDN-R call.

This means we do not meet anymore on Mondays.


report by John

  • register enrichment info jobs
  • taking a1 controller, a1 adapter integration into O-RAN-SC (code, doc, ...)
  • requirement - RSAC: rApp catalog in Cherry
  • A1 v2 spec - 60 day waiting period
  • ONAP M4 not passed yet - oom merge (thanks to Samsung)
  • CSIT tests hot topic 

In case of requests - David Kinseyis going to address them

00:00RIC dashboard

report by Lorraine


report by Alex

  • E2 changes should be pushed today ....
  • O1 new frame work
    • VES 7.1 -AI: jira

report by Martin

  • Copyright issues with 3GPP also on O-RAN level (WG1)
  • IPv6: causes more issues than expected
  • 60 day OpenFronthaul v3 are over - WG4 prefers to publish them in O-RAN-SC SCP gerrit

New topic: test coverage for web applications

  • AI: create wiki for this topic

questions, suggestions, concerns, proposals to be addressed

Action items