Details of the architecture can be found in the link: Release A.

Get the image from Nexus repo,

docker pull

docker pull  → Currently on boarded in DCAE as a MS. 

docker pull

docker pull

For Amber Maintenance release we use docker commands to create the containers,

To start the A1 Adapter use the below docker compose file to create the network used by the other docker containers.


Command:  docker-compose up -d a1-controller

Then start all the other component one by one,

docker run -p 8080:8080 --network=nonrtric-docker-net

docker run -p 9080:9081 --network=nonrtric-docker-net --name=policy-agent-container

docker run -p 8181:8085 --network=nonrtric-docker-net --name=nearRtRic-sim1

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