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Demo on how to deploy the near-RT RIC, compile and connect the E2 simulator, compile the hello-world go xapp and how use the dms_cli to deploy it: DEMO

demo video

demo commands

demo slide

Demo of other features

Recording: RIC platform part: link to recording 1 of the meeting  RIC xApp project part: link to recording 2 of the meeting

Schedule, see calendar for May-24.

Zoom = Zoom 1 bridge:

Note that for the project meeting in two weeks from now, Thoralf will be on holiday (Jun-2 - Jun-10). Release tasks we handle by e-mail.

Near-RT RIC platform (we might change the order of demos in the beginning of the meeting)

  • 10 min  Deploying the F release (Sandeep & co )
  • 10 min RIC-886 Support two SCTP streams in same association for global (support functions) and functional procedures (ric services) (Sandeep Kumar)
  • 10 min RIC-888 query interface in nodeb-rnib for querying RAN functions by OID - demo was held on Jul-19 as part of the project meeting (fast forward to minute 00:14:51 in  the zoom recording from 2022-07-19)
  • RIC-916 new reconnect timer in E2 to reject new connect for x seconds - demo was held on Jun-21 as part of the project meeting (fast forward to minute 00:08:30 in zoom recording from 2022-06-21)
  • 10 min RIC-906 time-series (influxdb) wrapper (Mohammad Arif & co)
  • 15 min  E2APv2.0 support in E2mgr (Subhash Kumar Singh)
  • 10 min  A1 mediator implementation in golang (Naman Gupta)
  • 10 min demo of the xapp-frame-py enhancements for subscription management and others (Erkki) demo was held on Oct-11 as part of the project meeting (fast forward to minute 00:10:30 in   zoom recording from 2022-10-11

Near-RT RIC xApp project

  • 10 min Traffic Steering xApp (Alexandre Huff)
  • 10 Min A1 Mediator Nanobot test Automation + Rest API implementation - Amit & Team
  • 10 Min RIC subscription delete 
  • KPIMON xApp - Amit & team  

Please upload slides as attachment to this demo page.

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  1. Hello, Thanks for the demo.

    I followed the steps in the last demo for KPIMON-go xApp but the pod stays in the "ImagePullBackOff" state because of not building the Docker image from the Dockerfile.

    Would you please provide instructions to build the Docker image? 

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. If you want to build the KPImon xApp please contact the "ric xapp" project. If you have the docker image, try to "docker pull" the image first (from one of the nodes where Kubernetes is deployed). This should rule out issues in the docker setup.

  2. Hello, Thoralf Czichy. Thanks for your demo.

    I'm now trying to implement RIC in our lab by following the instructions in the demo. The instruction looks straightforward but I'm stuck in the step for k8s installation. As demonstrated in the guidance, I used ./  However, the outcome of this command didn't seem to be successful. Since I'm not an expert in Linux, this issue makes me frustrated as I am not sure about the right direction to debug. 

    The execution outcome of this command is very long so I inserted a txt file for your reference. Please could Thoralf or anyone in the community take a look and advise? Thank you in advance. 

    1. Looks like you did not run the script form the root account. The script needs to be run form the root account.

  3. Is there any guidance or demo video to connect near-RT RIC and non-RT RIC?

  4. Hello. Thank you for nice demo.

    I have a question about e2esimu (gnbe2oransimu) from 12:22. I want to know more detail about that.

  5. Hi Thoralf Czichy ,

    The curl command (curl -X GET http://service-ricplt-e2mgr-http-ip:3800/v1/nodeb/states 2>/dev/null|jq) returns empty brackets. Some steps changed in the tutorial above because the project seems to be moved to github, but I think the error I am facing is unrelated. Any guidance to solve this issue?

  6. Thanks for your Demo Dear Thoralf Czichy.

    1. Hi Salam, did you manage to reproduce the steps in the demo?