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  1. How to deploy the RIC platform? I can not find any doc or deploy script.

    I download some projects according Scope of the near-RT RIC platform and its components (summary), i need to install every projects?

  2. We're working on good instructions. For now the best is to start reading in the repo "it/dep" (;a=tree). This is maintained outside of the RIC platform project, though. Eventually, we will have the RIC platform deployment in ric-plt/ric-dep.

    1. Recently I have try to deploy RIC platform with "it/dep". I found the deploy environment needs Docker、Kubernetes and Helm. So is there a version limit about docker、k8s and Helm ? Furthermore,can the platform be deployed on a virtual machine?

    2. Hi Thoralf:

      Recently I installed release Amber but failed, Can you help me?

      This is the result:

      Infact deployment-ricplt-rtmgr-5c5998d788-xv8px is not working. I changed the Command to make this pod running.

      I entered the docker container, and ran the script like this:

      It seems that the rtmgr can't connect to xApp manager.

      My questions is :

      Q1: Does the Amber Release contain the xApp Manager? Should I install it myself?

      According to the page(, I tried to install the mocked xApp manager but failed.

      Q2The state of part pods in Ric-aux are not running, any clue?

      Q3How can I confirm whether the three parts work well or not?

      Any help is helpful!



  3. Hi Everyone,

    I'm facing installation issues, while trying to install RIC Amber Release on Two openstack instance One for RIC Platform and other one is for Auxiliary.

    Steps :
    1. Create Openstack instance.

    git clone

    2. deploy kubernetes infra

    3. Deploy RIC Infra.

    ~/dep# bin/deploy-ric-infra RECIPE_EXAMPLE/RIC_INFRA_RECIPE_EXAMPLE

    Modified RIC_INFRA_RECIPE_EXAMPLE by changing the helm repository IP with the openstack allocated IP.

     #helmRepository: ""
    helmRepository: ""

    Got error for these two pods.

    ricinfra      deployment-tiller-ricxapp-65f9cbc8d7-fgpnx         0/1     ContainerCreating   0          21s
    ricinfra      tiller-secret-generator-5kzgk                      0/1     ImagePullBackOff    0          21s

    Even though Repositories path and credentials are available.

    kubectl describe po tiller-secret-generator-5kzgk -n ricinfra


     Type     Reason     Age                     From                       Message
     ----     ------     ----                    ----                       -------
     Normal   Scheduled  <unknown>               default-scheduler          Successfully assigned ricinfra/tiller-secret-generator-5kzgk to ric-installation
     Normal   Pulling    6m26s (x4 over 7m54s)   kubelet, ric-installation  Pulling image ""
     Warning  Failed     6m23s (x4 over 7m51s)   kubelet, ric-installation  Failed to pull image "": rpc error: code = Unknown desc = Error response from daemon: manifest for not found
     Warning  Failed     6m23s (x4 over 7m51s)   kubelet, ric-installation  Error: ErrImagePull
     Warning  Failed     5m57s (x6 over 7m51s)   kubelet, ric-installation  Error: ImagePullBackOff
     Normal   BackOff    2m52s (x19 over 7m51s)  kubelet, ric-installation  Back-off pulling image ""

    It would be very helpful if someone can provide installation instructions.

    1. Hi Saumya:

      I am also trying to install Amber and also failed.

      If you want to install Amber, I think you should download the Amber branch by:

      git clone -b Amber

      And you should download the lacking docker images yourself and import to your environment.



      1. Thanks Changjun.  

        Yes that is correct.  Please clone the Amber branch.  

        We have two docker image repos, one at and the other at  10004 is a "staging" repo and images on it will expired in 30 days and removed.  10002 is a "release" repo and images on it will not expire.

        Helm charts and overrides on the Amber branch point to images on the release registry, while Helm charts and overrides on the master branch point to images on the staging registry,


  4. These kind of questions are better handled by a post to the O-RAN-SC mailing list:  also including the tag #RICP into the subject of the message. It's rare that comments on this wiki are checked.

    Please note that the O-RAN SC mailing lists are moderated mailing lists for preventing spams.  The first email from any sender needs to be verified manually before forwarded onto the lists.  Often this is the reason if you do not see your email showing up.  If this happens, please also send a direct email to Lusheng Ji or the PTL (Thoralf Czichy (following the logic of and one of use will help unblocking it.

  5. Hi Everyone,

    I am curious about the difference between this project and Akraino.

    As mentioned in the architecture pdf, Akraino had been released and used as the Near-Realtime RIC platform.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I have been trying to install Near-Realtime RIC using oracle-virtual box VMs. but not able to install O-ran on the top of K8s cluster. I have been facing some issue like pods are not in the running state. Could any please help me in this regards? Thanks in advance.

    Could anyone post the steps to install O-RAN on Virtualbox Vms/Openstack VMs?

  7. Hi Everyone,

    when installing Near RealTime RIC on Oracle-Virtualbox VMs, Core-dns pods are in the "Crealoopbackoff "status while remaining pods are in the running state.

    Could anyone please give the suggestion on the issue above?

    when sending mails , Mails are not getting delivered. To get reply from the community, to whom i need to send mail. Any suggestions?

  8. Hi Team,
    while installing the RIC-Aux cluster as
    part of The installation of RIC on Openstack VMs.
    One pod for Ric-dashboard is in the state of ImagePullBackOff.
    when I checked for that image in the nexus repo, There is an image with different tags but not the one which Docker is trying to pull.
    Could anyone help me out on this Please? or keep that image in the Repo?

  9. hi team

    I have the same issue as Bujunuri Reddy. any update or solution for this? 


      I too faced the same issue and got the image id changed to 2.1.0 and it worked, i guess there was typo happened. You can try using the 

      sudo docker pull        and also update in your k8s template and then try the deployment.


      Naga Chetan

  10. Hello team,

    May I know if current RIC could work with LTE eNodeb or not?


  11. Hi all,

    Could you let me know the purpose of AUX cluster?