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Meeting Info

RIC project meetings are open to the public and held on Tuesdays at 2pm UTC.  World Time Zone Map

Zoom 1 Info:

UTC-timeevery 2nd Tuesday, check from calendar

New York (EDT / UTC-5)every 2nd Tuesday, check from calendar+1 669 900 6833 // +1 646 558 8656 // 855 880 1246 (Toll Free) // 877 369 0926 (Toll Free)
Paris (CEST / UTC+1)every 2nd Tuesday, check from calendar+33 7 5678 4048 // +33 1 8288 0188 // 805 082 588 (Toll Free)
Beijing (CST / UTC+8)every 2nd Tuesday, check from calendar+86 10 87833177 // +86 10 53876330 // 400 616 8835 (Toll Free) // 400 669 9381 (Toll Free)
Tokyo (JST / UTC+9) every 2nd Tuesday, check from calendar+81 524 564 439 // +81 3 4578 1488 // 0 800 100 5040 (Toll Free)
Helsinki  (EEST / UTC+2)every 2nd Tuesday, check from calendar

+358 341092129

Other international numbersWorld Time Zone Map

International numbers available:


Recording: TODO

  1. TODO
  2. Note that previous demo was on Thursday, 2020-08-13 Cherry R5.4.
  3. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: video+audio from the first 44 min (near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_08_05.mp4) and the last 14 minutes only as audio (near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_08_05.m4a)

  1. Note updates in E2APv01.01 compared to E2APv01.00, e.g., related to config transfer and TNL (failover, scalability).
  2. progress by subteams
    1. RIC-95 - currently blocked by IPR checks on Samsung side.
    2. Rahul mentioned integration test setup issues. One option is to ask fro help from Tel Aviv. E2 Sim is the other option. Samsung exploring options to make testing easier.
    3. Arun (from Samsung) not working for RIC anymore. Subhash replacing him.
    4. Simulator key contacts: Bharath, Ron shacham, Thoralf . Thoralf send a e-mail to Subhash as he was interested in this.
    5. RIC-109 call with Jussi done. Problem understood and how to do it. Next step how to distribute in K8S for efficient failover.
    6. RIC-360 helm and K8S (1.16 → 1.18) upgrade. Issues with one of the docker images for app manager. Trying to update the code for helm3. Alok did install on K8S 1.18. Did not find any issues.
    7. Thoralf to schedule a meeting with Ron, Rahul (Samsung), Subhash (Samsung), Ramesh (HSL), Sangeetha  (HCL), Alex with Ron introducing his vision on how to implement additional messages in teh E2 simulator. Also Bharath.
  3. Thoralf to think how to report Nokia and AT&T progress
  4. RIC app meeting


Recording: near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_07_21.mp4

  1. Matti hosts this meeting as Thoralf is on holiday
  2. Thoralf added subteams S1, S2, H1 to Jira usage conventions. Check also §1e from the same wiki page on how they are used in JIRA.
    1. Alok: Helm 2→3, identified key areas, helm commands not supported, validation errors, tiller not supported in Helm 3, Zhe Huang
    2. Matti will introduce Alok ( to Felix
    3. Alok: RIC-360 - who can provide detailed user stories - Matti will check with Felix first, then Thoralf when he is back
  3. Next demo will be on Thursday, 2020-07-23 Cherry R5.3. Anything to demo?
  4. RIC app meeting


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_07_07.mp4

  1. Recording of Jul-2 demo: TODO (pending Matti)
  2. Thoralf on holiday Jul-21. The Jul-7 meeting we still have normally. Matti (hiltunen@a...) to host the Jul-21 meeting.
  3. After discussion with xApp PTL (Matti), we will use the old existing empty repo "utils" as a general repo for small utility-like code. The first usage will be for RMR-to-VES mediator (event converter) "platform xapp". This work is done under RIC-420.
  4. discuss contributions by HCL .
    1. Assign to Alok Bhatt:

      1. ricp-integration RIC-360: plan and prototype helm upgrade with xApp manager, REC, RIC infrastructure

                      Which K8S version with Helm 3 support to move to? Is 1.18 confirmed? Yes

                      App owners with whom we need to work with for this co-existence of Helm 2 and 3 change and for doing post deployment check / sanity testing? xapp manager, it-dep, ric-dep, Schedule meeting with Lusheng and Felix, Abdulwahid.

      1. ricp-e2e RIC-509: Components supporting continuous integration infrastructure, e.g., static code analysis. Schedule meeting with Lusheng

      Pl share more info on LF CI/CD. Sonarcloud or SonarQube? Jenkins Job Builder / Chained CI?Schedule meeting with Lusheng

      1. DBaaS RIC-109: DB: study: SDL scaling with Redis cluster (instead of sentinel) Schedule meeting with Jussi.

      App owners with whom we need to work with for doing this before and after comparison for this move from Sentinel to Redis Cluster mode? Should be transparent to user

      Output format expected from this study, if any

      Assign to Sangeetha KR:

      1. ricp-e2e RIC-149: Define and implement automated test cases for flows to be defined early in Bronze-R4
      2. ricp-e2e RIC-150: Perform e2e RIC benchmarking

      Pl connect us with Bharath Balasubramanian on these items.

    2. Pl enable community lab access for us to work on these. → connect with Lusheng for how to use TLab.

    3. We manage this existing team mapping, but the items are assigned to Alok and Sangeetha.
  5. discuss contributions by Samsung
    1. For now, we would like to get your opinion regarding adding pub-sub feature to sdlpy/xapp-frame-py. As far as I know, this feature is already exists in sdlgo, but there seems to be no ticket related to this feature.

    2. This would be item RIC-372. Note that this is not related to xapp-frame-py, but to sdlpy only. Thoralf to reply to Timothy John Ebido. 
    3. item in JIRA to be assigned to him. Note that right now we have notifications only in go, but not in python or C++.
  6. ricapp meeting


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_06_23.mp4

  1. Demo day is Jul-2, 9am ET: 2020-07-02 Cherry R5.2
  2. Thoralf on holiday Jul-21. The Jul-7 meeting we still have normally.
  3. Bengi asked for RMR performance data comparing old NNG against SI95 implementation. Nothing on wiki page, but we have the PDF in RIC-48 - Getting issue details... STATUS that might help. Matti to ask Scott to eventually post the results also in the wiki page. Also to double-check that SI95 results are not already in wiki page somewhere.
  4. Chokha interested in contributing to near-RT RIC.
  5. Rittwik asked about what we should push to the maintenance release. So far nothing. Matti asked about adding alarm routes to routing manager. We created RIC-525 - Getting issue details... STATUS for this.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_06_09.mp4

  1. new contributors (Rahul) planning to work on RIC-203 implementation with Abdulwahid and on RIC-133 xApp scalability with Matti.
  2. presentation to O-RAN alliance: 2020-06-08: Report to O-RAN alliance on plans for release "Cherry" under Project reports
  3. demo moved by one week. We now demo in the first week of a sprint. For Sprint 1 in near-RT RIC we don't have a demo. First one for sprint 2 will be Jul-2.
  4. committer change: Tommy → Chris L. (in a1, rmr, xapp-frame-py). Remove rajesh from RMR. Katri and Roni to be removed from all repos. Need a replacement.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


This event is cancelled due to overlapping workshop. Next meeting will be in two weeks in regular time slot.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_05_12.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. check RIC-95 status. Quite a lot of work. Code review and unit test cases still to be done.We quickly discussed a possibility of doing healthcheck also via a healthcheck E2SM that woudl have to be defined by O-RAN WG3. We discussed this because in the RICAPPSs Hello World xApp an non-standard E2SM does something similar. Current expectation is that WG3 work will not be picking up this E2SM any time soon.
  3. Check for Bronze what we achieved and Cherry-R5 plans: link (check under "Status 2020-04-29 and 2020-04-30 and 2020-05-06 and 2020-05-12")
  4. Rittwik wants to talk about Cherry release planning.
    1. TS use case will probably be expanded on // possibly some ML model management aspects for RIC platform
    2. Rittwik mentioned more work in O1/O2, but for Cherry-R5 we might have issues with standardization not ready yet. More likely Cherry-R6 content.
    3. For scalability on E2AP no plans in R5 because of standardization being blocked. We do have work for xapp scalabilty study in Cherry-R5 and benchmarking planned for Cherry-R5.
  5. We might or might not have to cancel the next meeting due to overlapping workshop. I will update the calendar if it's cancelled.
  6. postponed items (out of Bronze): RIC-76 (subscription manager) and many more - see Cherry-R5 plans (same link as in (3) above).


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_04_28.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. FYI RICP (combined with RICAPP) demos are every third week: Sprint demos
  3. Status of
    1. RIC-95 (design approved by tel aviv teams // implementation should be ready // problem with testing as no access to simulator) Tel Aviv cannot test with proprietary simulator as no time. This might delay RIC-95 further. Harry cannot help as on leave. Ron might get simulator ready within two weeks, but there is some risk that service query is not working yet in simulator. Arunkumar could take a look at the service query support in simulator during next week once RIC-95 is ready. If we make good progress, we could still push this into maintenance release (after TOC approval).
    2. RIC-203 no progress. design not clear yet. Drop this from Bronze (not try to push it into maintenance release)
  4. postponed DB items EPICS: (not even started):  RIC-123, RIC-107, RIC-118 and RIC-119 as well as user story: RIC-104 to post-Bronze-R4
  5. 2020-04-28: epics still open team 1: 17, team 2: 5, team 3: 3, team 4: 8 : team 5: 10, team 6: 2, team 7: 2. sum = 47 still open
  6. FYI: Tommy Carpenter has left the project. Committer upgrade needed. A1, xapp-frame-py → Chris Lott. RMR python version is in xapp-frame-py. RMR also replace tommy with Chris (even if no RMR python work a<nymore), Rpanta also remove from RMR repo. The repo "utils" we should remove. Add Chris now. Remove Tommy after Bronze. Thoralf to initiate this change.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_04_14.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Between "DBAAS" single-instance and "HA" we switch by using same configmap with different content as in this review: For platform components this is a good solution. The idea is that xApps (if they use SDL) have something similar. We might have to expand how this works for xApps later on, e.g., so that xApps have a way to declare what they need in terms of data storage.
  3. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.

Older meeting minutes

check from here: Project meetings (old)

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