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Latest meeting minutes

 check from here: Project meetings


Recording: near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_09_29_part1.mp4 and near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_09_29_part2.mp4

  1. reminder on next demo: 2020-10-15 Cherry R6.2 . Pls. add anything you want to demo there.
  2. RIC-360 any progress. Discussion with Nune and Nithin kept?
    1. deployment script changes (Abdulwahid) related to helm3. Discussed with Felix (onboarder (felix)  changes still needed).
    2. appmgr changes no discussion → Nune
    3. Thoralf to invite meeting with Alok + Sri + ramesh (still this weeks)
    4. Status: working on go code changes in appmgr
  3. RIC-509
    1. subitems being worked on by LF next.
    2. Status: Created Jira tickets for each component under the EPIC: (e.g. RIC-648, RIC-649, RIC-650) & submitted Gerrit change requests to these three tickets.
  4. RIC-109: since Jussi on holiday pls. involve Timo T (another committer for dbaas). Status:Converted the k8 manifest files into helm chart. Creating documentation other artifacts as discussed on the call with ORAN SPOCs.
  5. RIC-249 (of RIC-95) currently blocked by XML-to-PER conversion of RIC_SERVICE_UPDATE_ACK.
    1. Thoralf still to test the 1-week old code that Rahul wrote (RIC-248)
    2. This now hangs with Adi.
    3. Also another issue is how an empty RIC Service Query/update would look like. ASN.1 is also a bit unclear.
  6. RIC-203 is still in team S1 or currently nobody planning to work on this?
    1. Rahul might be able to work on this, but earliest decision on this in next meeting.
  7. RIC-150 (RIC benchmark) Status: Able to exchange RIC Subscription Request & Response between HW xAPP and E2 Simulator (Action type - Report). Now working on handling RIC Indication message exchnage between HW xAPP & E2 Simulator
  8. RIC-149 (more tests) Status: 1) RIC deployment Testsuite: RIC deployment testing is done. Need to send the code for review. 2) Healthcheck Testsuite: O1mediator issue is fixed. Created interface.robot and verified the log for this component. dbaas - ping pong test is in progress. submgr - Unable to proceed due to ClusterIP issue. We sent query to Dave on this. 3) ETE Testsuite : robotxapp deployment is in progress.
  9. some items postponed from Cherry to Dawn: RIC-585 (the alarm for E2 connection loss) , RIC-139 (O1 adapter to summarize platform health state) , RIC-421 (O1 mediator graceful restart)
  10. Subhash xApp demo can be in platform code. Subhash would like to discuss this.
  11. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_09_15.mp4

  1. Schedule for R6 (second half of Cherry: Jira usage conventions§6).
  2. demos for demo day (next week Thursday = Sep-24 in 2020-09-24 Cherry R6.1 - CANCELLED)
  3. Subhash: move on with exact contribution.
    1. [1] Higher abstraction level in xAPP framework SDK (golang) []
      1. We discussed possible abstraction of this on API level. Matti said one person on AT&T side has been working on this before. We need to set up a separate meeting on this: Subhash, Nune, Matti, Neeraj Gupta (HCL), Vaishali (HCL),, Akash (bouncer xapp) Identify new capabilities that we can implement on xapp framework side. Focus on things not yet implemented in any xapp frameworks. presentation by on what is planned. Aim for 10am EDT (NewYork) on Monday, Sep-21
      2. RIC-80 is already in progress by Antti teams.
      3. general goal xApps should only rely on E2SM, but do not need to touch E2AP messages (using ASN.1). So, a good abstraction would allow xApp implementation without ever touching an ASN.1 compiler if an E2SM would be defined in something else than ASN.1. We can discuss this further in the Monday meeting.
    2. [2] Support for E2AP RESET procedure  []
    3. [3] Developing version of xAPP []
      1. existing "hello world" is C++, but does more than just saying "Hello world", e.g. has own service model. Additional demo xapps in go/python are welcome. For go see in xapp-framework for Go for some skeleton code.
      2. for example, it would be good to have E2SM support for "hello world" E2SM in the simulator.
  4. Alok RIC-509 works better with Ceph (instead of NFS). Meeting to discuss how to integrate this to be called by Alok.
  5. Akash asked about the hello world xApp in terms of a new bouncer xApp (for benchmarking). Pls. contact Matti to get you in contact with hello world expert. Akash to attend also the Monday meeting.
  6. (post-meeting addition): Ron now merged the patch into the E2 simulator: Work on the simulator can now continue.
  7. (post-meeting addition): RIC-360: continued work on appmgr // RIC-509: testing JJB templates in sandbox (sandbox permissions obtained) // RIC-150 Able to send RIC Subsription Request message from Bouncer xAPP to E2 terminator. Working on handling of the RIC Subsription request message at E2 terminator to E2SIM. Debuging is in progress. Able to exchange E2 Setup request and response. RIC-149: Ricdeployment Testsuite - existing issue got fixed except statefulset, working on this. Sent code modification to Dave and Bharath for review. Healthcheck Testsuite - Interface.robot files missing for few components got fixed and added keyword healthcheck for missing components as well. Working on dbaas, submgr related inerface.robot parameters to add and test. E2E Testsuite: Working robotxapp deployment using http post request using both manual and robot automation.
  8. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_09_01.mp4

  1. S1+S2 team any news?
    1. Rahul progressing on RIC-95. Thoralf will help with testing as E2 simulator is needed.
    2. Subhash interested in picking up items on near-RT RIC platform. Thoralf to send information package.
    3. Double-check progress on E2 simulator in simulator project. Action item-Matti: check with Ron. Make sure to to add copyright and license statement.
    4. RIC-372 (sdlpy now supports notifications) now done.
  2. H1 team any news?
    1. RIC-109 (helm/k8s upgrade) Working on Non NFS based cluster storage on k8s
    2. RIC-509: HCL to present output/status of RIC-509.
      1. analysed com-pylog project on sonarcloud using our a/c
      2. Matti noted that xApp's MC xapp has done the same. Always needs to involve LF support case. HCL to include Matti in discussion.
    3. RIC-360: Go lang based code changes in progress
    4. RIC-150: (e2e benchmarking) Working on the Bouncer xAPP Implementation. "successfully built the e2apv1sim code manually in the LAB and run the e2sim binary. The e2sim sending the E2 setup request message to RIC terminator. The RIC terminator received the E2 setup message and it is not sending the response to e2sim. Because, in decode part of E2 setup request message in RIC, some parameters(RANfunction_Item) are not handled in RIC side and it's giving the decode error."
    5. RIC-149 (testing): Started fixing up the health check of ric component testsuites with few missing keywords and missing riccomponent_interface.robot files. As we confirmed with Bharath and Dave we are proceeding to fix the healthcheck and e2e testsuites related issues. Status: In progress Issue: Currently working on this while adding a1mediator interface.robot file " <tpl ($content).AsConfig $>: error calling tpl: Error during tpl function execution for "a1mediator.robot". Due to this some component related files are not mounted to nanobot pod. 
  3. alarms implemented in Cherry → check status with owners of sub user stories in RIC-56 - Getting issue details... STATUS (check with owners of 585 203 and 204). Contact Nune
  4. to discuss this reply to Jinri's request:
    1. reply: " from near-RT RIC side we work with: (1) Akraino REC as the Akraino blueprint that we integrate RIC with (2) Nokia investigating if we can provide a wireshark dissector for E2AP (pending discussion with O-RAN alliance) (3) We're using the VESPA (Prometheus to VES adapter) project.
  5. Anything to demo on Thursday? Matti (50/50)?
  6. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.

2020-08-18 special meeting on E2 simulator

Recording: 2018_08_18_special_meeting_on_e2_simulator.mp4 (no meeting notes created)


Recording: 2 parts: near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_08_18_part1.mp4 and near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_08_18_part2.mp4

  1. Note that previous demo was on Thursday, 2020-08-13 Cherry R5.4. Recording available on the confluence page.
  2. RIC-628 now also fixed. Together with the earlier fix of RIC-444 this should now remove any issues with unintended dependencies on E2SMs. Now the RIC platform should again be independent of E2SMs. Note that the new routing manager implementation >0.6.1 requires an update of the routing manager helm chart as well. These helm charts are in master branch of repo ric-plt/ric-dep.
  3. RIC-509 we are aiming for CII (core infrastructure initiative of the Linux foundation) self-certified badge "basic". Need to check what basic "passing" badge actually implies. Initially this might be a reasonable aim: (1) Weekly static code scans by SonarCloud, (2) Weekly scans by NexusIQ for outdated 3rd-party packages/libraries (3) All critical and major vulnerabilities are remediated, (4) automatic code coverage is 80%-90%. Note that originally we planned for Cherry: "80% for all existing components and 50% code coverage for new ones."
    1. The below projects are onboarded to SonarCloud but not scanned. 

      ric-plt-e2 ric-plt-sdlgo ric-plt-xapp-frame ric-plt-appmgr ric-plt-dbaas ric-plt-dbaas-hiredis-vip ric-plt- nodeb-rnib ric-plt-submgr ric-plt-utils ric-plt-jaegeradapter ric-plt-tracelibcpp ric-plt-tracelibgo ric-plt- vespamgr ric-plt-asn1-documents ric-plt-streaming-protobufs ric-plt-ric-test ric-plt-ric-dep ric-plt-demo1

      not in sonar: com-golog com-pylog com-gs-lite

    2. None of the components except ric-plt-a1 (scanned 3 months ago) is onboarded to NexusIQ.
    3. Project name in SonarCoud



      Last scan









      ric-plt-lib-rmr-c (old code, old job not in use anymore)













      1 - minor











      Note that Matti and scot are trying to remove the old job info sonarcloud. ric-plt-lib-rmr-c

    1. T1 (Antti)
      1. RIC-114 scope change
    2. T2 (Abdulwahid)
      1. Routing Manager now supports route distribution to multiple RMR control ports.
    3. T4 (Avinoam)
      1. E2M - Get node list API changed and now return also the node connection status - completed. Swagger :

      2. Publish SDL event in case Connection Status is changed - Testing is completed - waiting for further testing with some sample xApp from Nokia

      3. Publish SDL event in case gNB is added/updated/deleted - in progress

      4. E2T Prometheus implementation - completed (including review and testing)

    4. T5 (Matti)
      1. O1 APIs (O1-PM/FM/CM) in C++ framework completed - see demo from last week // python framework demo was done earlier in Cherry.
      2. E2 Simulator work still ongoing (Ron doing cleanup work). Ron will give presentation about simulator code in meeting with Samsung/HCL/ATT/Nokia after this meeting.
      3. RMR-to-VES event adapter for statistics implemented
    5. T6 (Lusheng)
    6. T7 (Bharath)
    7. Subteam-h1 (Alok, Sangeetha)
      1. Ticket NumberTicket Summary8/18 Updates
        RIC-109DB: study: SDL scaling with Redis cluster (instead of sentinel)Found an approach for the ask
        First level of demo scheduled for Fri,21st with ticket SPOCs from ORAN
        Preparing for demo ppt
        RIC-360Plan and prototype helm (and k8s) upgrade with xApp manager, REC, RIC infrastructureUnderstood the as-is deployment scripts. 
        Explored the Helm2/Helm3 Delta for these deployment scripts
        Changes done in deployment scripts & shared understanding via email to SPOCs/experts (Lusheng)
        Received feedback for additional Code level changes (Go lang based)  in few components (in deployment script)

        RIC-509Components supporting continuous integration infrastructure, e.g., static code analysisLocal environment set-up is completed (Thoralf: goal eventually to use LF infra)
        Code-analysis is done on an ORAN project that already supports it and found results to be comparable.
        Working on a candidate ORAN project to run code-analysis.
        RIC-150Perform e2e RIC benchmarkingUnderstanding flow and scope of this RIC benchmarking across E2 Sim, Bouncer xApp, KPI Mon xApp
        Subtask (RIC-633) E2sim and Xapp created and added to this. 
        E2simulator is installed in our lab and checking for RIC Communication.
        Working on KPIMON  xApp standup along with its dependencies (E2 Mgr, E2 Subscription Mgr and E2 Term) - waiting for inputs
        RIC-149Define and implement automated test cases for flows to be defined early in Bronze-R4Understood nanobot flow and deployed the same in our lab for testing health of the RIC Platform.
        Currently working on E2E tests to check for health of Xapp manager, deployments and E2mgr.
  4. Himesh asked about KPImon (go) related to: View/Reply Online (#828). Matti  to discuss with Samsung committers of KPIMON. Contact Ron S.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: video+audio from the first 44 min (near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_08_05.mp4) and the last 14 minutes only as audio (near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_08_05.m4a)

  1. Note updates in E2APv01.01 compared to E2APv01.00, e.g., related to config transfer and TNL (failover, scalability).
  2. progress by subteams
    1. RIC-95 - currently blocked by IPR checks on Samsung side.
    2. Rahul mentioned integration test setup issues. One option is to ask fro help from Tel Aviv. E2 Sim is the other option. Samsung exploring options to make testing easier.
    3. Arun (from Samsung) not working for RIC anymore. Subhash replacing him.
    4. Simulator key contacts: Bharath, Ron shacham, Thoralf . Thoralf send a e-mail to Subhash as he was interested in this.
    5. RIC-109 call with Jussi done. Problem understood and how to do it. Next step how to distribute in K8S for efficient failover.
    6. RIC-360 helm and K8S (1.16 → 1.18) upgrade. Issues with one of the docker images for app manager. Trying to update the code for helm3. Alok did install on K8S 1.18. Did not find any issues.
    7. Thoralf to schedule a meeting with Ron, Rahul (Samsung), Subhash (Samsung), Ramesh (HSL), Sangeetha  (HCL), Alex with Ron introducing his vision on how to implement additional messages in teh E2 simulator. Also Bharath.
  3. Thoralf to think how to report Nokia and AT&T progress
  4. RIC app meeting


Recording: near_rt_ricplatform_and_ricapp_meeting_2020_07_21.mp4

  1. Matti hosts this meeting as Thoralf is on holiday
  2. Thoralf added subteams S1, S2, H1 to Jira usage conventions. Check also §1e from the same wiki page on how they are used in JIRA.
    1. Alok: Helm 2→3, identified key areas, helm commands not supported, validation errors, tiller not supported in Helm 3, Zhe Huang
    2. Matti will introduce Alok ( to Felix
    3. Alok: RIC-360 - who can provide detailed user stories - Matti will check with Felix first, then Thoralf when he is back
  3. Next demo will be on Thursday, 2020-07-23 Cherry R5.3. Anything to demo?
  4. RIC app meeting


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_07_07.mp4

  1. Recording of Jul-2 demo: TODO (pending Matti)
  2. Thoralf on holiday Jul-21. The Jul-7 meeting we still have normally. Matti (hiltunen@a...) to host the Jul-21 meeting.
  3. After discussion with xApp PTL (Matti), we will use the old existing empty repo "utils" as a general repo for small utility-like code. The first usage will be for RMR-to-VES mediator (event converter) "platform xapp". This work is done under RIC-420.
  4. discuss contributions by HCL .
    1. Assign to Alok Bhatt:

      1. ricp-integration RIC-360: plan and prototype helm upgrade with xApp manager, REC, RIC infrastructure

                      Which K8S version with Helm 3 support to move to? Is 1.18 confirmed? Yes

                      App owners with whom we need to work with for this co-existence of Helm 2 and 3 change and for doing post deployment check / sanity testing? xapp manager, it-dep, ric-dep, Schedule meeting with Lusheng and Felix, Abdulwahid.

      1. ricp-e2e RIC-509: Components supporting continuous integration infrastructure, e.g., static code analysis. Schedule meeting with Lusheng

      Pl share more info on LF CI/CD. Sonarcloud or SonarQube? Jenkins Job Builder / Chained CI?Schedule meeting with Lusheng

      1. DBaaS RIC-109: DB: study: SDL scaling with Redis cluster (instead of sentinel) Schedule meeting with Jussi.

      App owners with whom we need to work with for doing this before and after comparison for this move from Sentinel to Redis Cluster mode? Should be transparent to user

      Output format expected from this study, if any

      Assign to Sangeetha KR:

      1. ricp-e2e RIC-149: Define and implement automated test cases for flows to be defined early in Bronze-R4
      2. ricp-e2e RIC-150: Perform e2e RIC benchmarking

      Pl connect us with Bharath Balasubramanian on these items.

    2. Pl enable community lab access for us to work on these. → connect with Lusheng for how to use TLab.

    3. We manage this existing team mapping, but the items are assigned to Alok and Sangeetha.
  5. discuss contributions by Samsung
    1. For now, we would like to get your opinion regarding adding pub-sub feature to sdlpy/xapp-frame-py. As far as I know, this feature is already exists in sdlgo, but there seems to be no ticket related to this feature.

    2. This would be item RIC-372. Note that this is not related to xapp-frame-py, but to sdlpy only. Thoralf to reply to Timothy John Ebido. 
    3. item in JIRA to be assigned to him. Note that right now we have notifications only in go, but not in python or C++.
  6. ricapp meeting


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_06_23.mp4

  1. Demo day is Jul-2, 9am ET: 2020-07-02 Cherry R5.2
  2. Thoralf on holiday Jul-21. The Jul-7 meeting we still have normally.
  3. Bengi asked for RMR performance data comparing old NNG against SI95 implementation. Nothing on wiki page, but we have the PDF in RIC-48 - Getting issue details... STATUS that might help. Matti to ask Scott to eventually post the results also in the wiki page. Also to double-check that SI95 results are not already in wiki page somewhere.
  4. Chokha interested in contributing to near-RT RIC.
  5. Rittwik asked about what we should push to the maintenance release. So far nothing. Matti asked about adding alarm routes to routing manager. We created RIC-525 - Getting issue details... STATUS for this.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_06_09.mp4

  1. new contributors (Rahul) planning to work on RIC-203 implementation with Abdulwahid and on RIC-133 xApp scalability with Matti.
  2. presentation to O-RAN alliance: 2020-06-08: Report to O-RAN alliance on plans for release "Cherry" under Project reports
  3. demo moved by one week. We now demo in the first week of a sprint. For Sprint 1 in near-RT RIC we don't have a demo. First one for sprint 2 will be Jul-2.
  4. committer change: Tommy → Chris L. (in a1, rmr, xapp-frame-py). Remove rajesh from RMR. Katri and Roni to be removed from all repos. Need a replacement.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


This event is cancelled due to overlapping workshop. Next meeting will be in two weeks in regular time slot.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_05_12.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. check RIC-95 status. Quite a lot of work. Code review and unit test cases still to be done.We quickly discussed a possibility of doing healthcheck also via a healthcheck E2SM that woudl have to be defined by O-RAN WG3. We discussed this because in the RICAPPSs Hello World xApp an non-standard E2SM does something similar. Current expectation is that WG3 work will not be picking up this E2SM any time soon.
  3. Check for Bronze what we achieved and Cherry-R5 plans: link (check under "Status 2020-04-29 and 2020-04-30 and 2020-05-06 and 2020-05-12")
  4. Rittwik wants to talk about Cherry release planning.
    1. TS use case will probably be expanded on // possibly some ML model management aspects for RIC platform
    2. Rittwik mentioned more work in O1/O2, but for Cherry-R5 we might have issues with standardization not ready yet. More likely Cherry-R6 content.
    3. For scalability on E2AP no plans in R5 because of standardization being blocked. We do have work for xapp scalabilty study in Cherry-R5 and benchmarking planned for Cherry-R5.
  5. We might or might not have to cancel the next meeting due to overlapping workshop. I will update the calendar if it's cancelled.
  6. postponed items (out of Bronze): RIC-76 (subscription manager) and many more - see Cherry-R5 plans (same link as in (3) above).


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_04_28.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. FYI RICP (combined with RICAPP) demos are every third week: Sprint demos
  3. Status of
    1. RIC-95 (design approved by tel aviv teams // implementation should be ready // problem with testing as no access to simulator) Tel Aviv cannot test with proprietary simulator as no time. This might delay RIC-95 further. Harry cannot help as on leave. Ron might get simulator ready within two weeks, but there is some risk that service query is not working yet in simulator. Arunkumar could take a look at the service query support in simulator during next week once RIC-95 is ready. If we make good progress, we could still push this into maintenance release (after TOC approval).
    2. RIC-203 no progress. design not clear yet. Drop this from Bronze (not try to push it into maintenance release)
  4. postponed DB items EPICS: (not even started):  RIC-123, RIC-107, RIC-118 and RIC-119 as well as user story: RIC-104 to post-Bronze-R4
  5. 2020-04-28: epics still open team 1: 17, team 2: 5, team 3: 3, team 4: 8 : team 5: 10, team 6: 2, team 7: 2. sum = 47 still open
  6. FYI: Tommy Carpenter has left the project. Committer upgrade needed. A1, xapp-frame-py → Chris Lott. RMR python version is in xapp-frame-py. RMR also replace tommy with Chris (even if no RMR python work a<nymore), Rpanta also remove from RMR repo. The repo "utils" we should remove. Add Chris now. Remove Tommy after Bronze. Thoralf to initiate this change.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_04_14.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Between "DBAAS" single-instance and "HA" we switch by using same configmap with different content as in this review: For platform components this is a good solution. The idea is that xApps (if they use SDL) have something similar. We might have to expand how this works for xApps later on, e.g., so that xApps have a way to declare what they need in terms of data storage.
  3. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_03_31.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. status update in Bronze Release (Jun 2020)
  3. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_03_17.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Changing committers: New instructions are here: How to request committer changes.
  3. Matti and I will give a 40 minute talk about RIC at ONeS, North America. However the conference has been postponed from April to Aug/Sep/Oct.
  4. Two requests filed to O-RAN and O-RAN SC for (1) right to publish E2AP ASN.1 in O-RAN-SC's gerrit (ric-plt/asn1-documents) and (2) machine readable version of ASN.1 to be made available for automatic download (e.g. as part of compilation) from O-RAN web page. Matti noted that E2SM have a similar problem on RICAPP side.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_03_03.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. new repo request now all new repos created. See last four entries in Scope of the near-RT RIC platform and its components (summary)
  3. Progress report on RIC-203 and RIC-95 (golang) - by Arun
    1. first meeting with Abdulwahid related to RIC-203. Dependencies on other capabilities mean work can only start after a couple of weeks
    2. meeting with Avinoam's team to be set up by Arun if e-mail discussion does not proceed. T4 has a design proposal. Arun to comment/proceed.
  4. Bengi asked about how we introduce support for WG3 E2AP in E2T and E2M.
    1. The code is being adapted to the new E2AP spec from WG3 (with E2 Setup being sent from E2 node to RIC) right now. This is done under . You can even check this in terms of more fine-grained user stories from the scrum board (which the T4 team is using quite well): The sprints (and mapping to days) used in this board are explained in §6 here:

  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_02_18.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. new repo requests: ric-plt/xapp-frame-py, ric-plt/xapp-frame-cpp, ric-plt/alarm-go, ric-plt/alarm-cpp. Thoralf to send this for approval to TOC.
  3. Progress on RIC-203 and RIC-95 (golang).
    1. Arun quickly introduced himself. For now only person from Samsung who wants to contribute. Working in a team that has already some usage experience with RIC and RIC xAPPs. C++/python experience.
    2. Team T4 (Avinoam) work principles: Design review, Unit tests coverage 80%, Automation coverage, Code review, Sonar – zero issues
    3. RIC-95 will involve concrete proposal on design - to check with Arunkumar if he can make a design proposal as well.
    4. This is a first for existing near-RT RIC project as well. So, we will have to learn form this and adjust our way of working as well.
    5. next step: Thoralf to organize a meeting with T4 on Monday/Tuesday and T3 as well. Next steps are planned there.
  4. Schedule alignment between O-RAN and O-RAN-SC (O-RAN member link only: link (or check recording of this meeting))
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_02_04.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Discuss some of the Bronze-R4 flows: RICflows-Bronze-R4.pdf
  3. Go through current backlog.
  4. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_01_21.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. We have this meeting intentionally one week after the previous one. To align on even weeks. We will keep the next meeting (in 2 weeks) even if many participants are in a workshop.
  3. RSAC health check use case discussion: Now the information is in a wiki:
    1. health check of E2 via O1
    2. status of E2 connections via E2M
    3. alarm management
    4. platform statistics and a few statistics providers (E2T coudl provide latency measurements of number of E2 packets per connection)
    5. A1 health check
    6. RMR-based health check for xApps
  4. Go through current backlog.
    1. we created RIC-126 as a item that might come post-Bronze.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2020_01_14.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Propose to have every even week and next meeting would be on 2020-01-21. This is to align with O-RAN alliance meetings. This was ok-ed.
  3. JIRA conventions for release B planning: Jira usage conventions . We take a quick look at the current Epics in JIRA.
  4. RSAC use case on health check seems difficult to digest. Further discussion needed. Direction is to use alarm management, and statistics for alarm monitoring. Actual health checks based test messages also needed, but details still open.
    1. John to move the updated health check document into a RSAC wiki page by Thursday. Further updates can be done there.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_12_17.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings → OK
  2. Next meeting will be in 2020 on January, 14.
  3. tentative: JIRA conventions for release B planning: Jira usage conventions
  4. RSAC use case on health check seems difficult to digest. Further discussion needed.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_12_03.mp4 (last 25 minutes lost due to Zoom software not working correctly)

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings → OK
  2. Amber press release should be out today.
  3. ASN.1 compiler asn1c is now maintained outside of O-RAN SC in Related e-mail: link
  4. December, 17 is the last meeting in 2019. Dec-31 we skip due to holiday season. First meeting in 2020 is on January, 14.
  5. Status on this? No progress yet. We're working on good instructions. For now the best is to start reading in the repo "it/dep" (;a=tree). This is maintained outside of the RIC platform project, though. Eventually, we will have the RIC platform deployment in ric-plt/ric-dep. We are also working on an xApp developer guide for how to develop an xApp in golang. Thoralf to check how we could do this for C++. There is value in the guideline describing a "base". It does not have to describe each and every option. Instructions should work on REC Akraino blueprint and on plain K8S. LE-status-20191204: Waiting for Felix' cleanup work (currently in review). After this 5 working days.
  6. Related to the developer guide: current idea is to talk about (1) Helm Charts, xApp descriptor and schema files, (2) HTTP interface for K8s health probes (aliveness, readiness), (3) RMR interface for communication with other RIC components, (4) Logging, (5) SDL, (6) Config managements (Configmap), (7) metrics creation. If we do not have a E2SM coming soon into WG3, then some simple hello-world E2SM would be good as a base for a demo/sample xApp. We need to consider if we can use the demo1 xApp for the documentation. For C++ let's use a simple E2SM (which has nothing to do with X2). Aim for combined document go and C++. LE-20191204: Thoralf asked from Antti. No reply yet.
  7. SDL Dev guide = 20191213 (LE given on 20191204)
  8. Status of RMR library which will include new MEID handling and update of the documentation related to this.
    1. RMR-routing manager and E2T-to-routing-manager interface is now designed. Scott is optimistic that RMR part is ready by end of this week.
    2. Matti to at design of MEID routing in RMR under RMR wiki pages as "RMR MEID routing - draft design"
  9. Some question related to SDL library from Bengi (primarily developing C++; possibly python).
    1. Q: SDL user guide is needed. Should include some design principles and the big picture. E.g. why there are some constraints on the data types that can be used (e.g. using ordered sets). What is the role of event API and timer API, and when to use own namespace, role of access libraries for read and write APIs (e.g. R-NIB API of E2 manager (go)). Best practices around that also needed. TODO-Thoralf-ask-SDL documentation to go into open-src wiki.
  10. Input from the TS use case for Bronze: "how do we update ML models" is one question we need to address in RICP
  11. Need to plan how we use JIRA in RIC
  12. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_11_19.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Release names: Amber, Bronze, Cherry are now decided.
  3. INFO.yaml files should now be ready (exceptions: RSM and rtmgr). Committer management still requires approval by ToC. Plan is to change this approval practices for release Bronze. Once approved, PTL or delegate must update INFO.yaml with new/changed names and reference to approval. We might go for a solution where existing committers must approve and ToC only is notified, but this is not changed yet.
  4. Amber release status by repo: Project Readiness for Amber Release#(NearRealtime)RICPlatform
  5. All license exceptions (code re-used form other sources) are now listed here: To be approved by TOC on Wednesday, Nov-19.
  6. We're working on good instructions. For now the best is to start reading in the repo "it/dep" (;a=tree). This is maintained outside of the RIC platform project, though. Eventually, we will have the RIC platform deployment in ric-plt/ric-dep. We are also working on an xApp developer guide for how to develop an xApp in golang. Thoralf to check how we could do this for C++.
  7. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_11_05.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Amber release status by repo: Project Readiness for Amber Release#(NearRealtime)RICPlatform
    1. as part of this Paul asked, can someone actually deploy the RIC platform? Bengi clearly said that getting other RIC platform components up is difficult.  Documentation needed.
  3. Documentation guidelines: and Configure Repo for Documentation
  4. New component request to be made for Resource Status Processor. Compare to Resource Status Manager (defined here).
  5. Proposal: new component: resource-status-processor

    The resource status processor handles incoming E2 resource status report messages and saves the data from these messages into the RNIB. Note that control or management of resource status reporting is not done by this processor, but by the Resource Status Manager. Committers: Shuky Har-Noy, Hila Anina, Yaki Ratz

  6. I will also propose change of committers to TOC:
    1. ric-plt/rtmgr: existing committers work on other project. New ones (all Nokia): Nithinsen K and Abdulwahid W
    2. ric-plt/submgr: existing committers work on other project. New ones (all Nokia): Anssi Mannila, Juha Hyttinen
  7. We plan to work on O1 implementation using "sysrepo data store plus netopeer 2" over the next few months. We also plan to work on A1 implementation and scalability if E2 termination component. Eventually this work is likely to become b-release content.
  8. There will soon be coming changes in E2 definitions that we are currently using in near-RT RIC.  Once WG3 settles on a stable draft specification we can start adapting.
  9. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings.


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_10_22_part1.mp4 and near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_10_22_part2.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Discuss repo changes before sending them as one batch to TOC for approval.
  3. Release B planning: Contributions
  4. O1 in Release B?
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_10_08_part1.mp4 and near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_10_08_part2.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Review and approve Scope of the RIC platform and its components (summary). After approval next step is to inform this to TOC. This was discussed. No further comments. Thoralf to bring this to TOC and to discuss the sentence "This source code is part of the near-RT RIC (Radio Intelligent Controller) platform project (RICP)" in TOC, esp. with Jack
  3. B-release content. O1 southbound - if netconf based - as per Matti mainly related to xApp manager. O1 simulator RU and DU (requires yang as input). Provide yang models for RIC (with managed objects). Ritwick to post b-releas analysis in RSAC wiki page.
  4. FYI. RICP presentation at ONS, Antwerpen, 2019: Overall architecture (not component-specific)
  5. E2AP documentation in gerrit:;a=tree
  6. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings



  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Open action item from last meeting: Thoralf Czichy : status check for each item with owners of JIRA item. 2019-09-24: Still open.
  3. There are no particular issues being discussed in RICP in this session. So this will focus on RICAPP.
  4. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_09_10.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Discuss draft status report for RICP: Project reports
  3. Who hosts next meeting on 2019-09-24 (Thoralf at ONS (Open Networking Summit) Europe, e.g., presenting RIC link )? → Matti
  4. Open action item Thoralf Czichy : status check for each item with owners of JIRA item.
  5. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_08_27.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2.  T1 = Antti, T2= Juha, T3 = Abdulwahid (was Viktor), T4 = Itamar, T5 = Rajesh, T6=Lusheng, T7=Bharath. All RIC items marked with suggested primary owner of the item. Thoralf to write e-mail to each suggested owner on status for each item. Initial JIRA filter: link
    1. need feedback by each PO by end of September - to facilitate release B planning.
  3. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_08_13.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Any objections to this proposal from RICP and RICA PTL: Meeting moved one hour later to 13:00 UTC. We will handle the meeting for the RICP (near-RT RIC platform) and RICA (RIC xApps) projects together. The respective PTL will handle their part. First 30 minutes with focus on RICP and the last 30 minutes focus on RICA. Note that if RICP takes less than 30 minutes, RICA issues might already be handled before 13:30 UTC. The meeting will be held every uneven week.
  3. Release name finalized: "Amber" (former "A" release)
  4. New repos (from the last 2 weeks) - see under "completed" Outstanding Resource Requests for Linux Foundation
  5. NOT: If Thoralf found time to go through them before the meeting: "A" release Epics (focus on Epics that are under development) - assignment via JIRA is still missing.
  6. RICAPP agenda: RICAPP Meetings
  7. Rittwik mentioned an xApp proposed by Samsung which will be discussed in more detail in another O-RAN meeting later today (Rittwik to send details). Rittwik sent the details: RSAC meetings = In any, case the RSAC meetings discuss release A and B planning items Zoom 1 bridge:   (Tue 9-10pm Eastern New York time every other week) and (Thu 9-10am Eastern New York time every other week)


Recording: near_rt_ric_platform_project_meeting_2019_07_30.mp4

  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Notice: non-RT RIC project proposal:
  3. Notice the links/instructions for o-ran-sc's JIRA, e-mail, Gerrit: Tools (mailing list, JIRA, Gerrit)
    1. Rittwik Jana mentioned that the Thoralf Czichy need to re-check the user stories/Epics in Jira. We need to assign each item to persons (e.g. subproject leads)
  4. Any ideas on Election process for new committers for RIC repos .
    1. Thoralf Czichy to make proposal with Lusheng Ji
    2. (Update-Jul-31-2019: Jack Murray needs to write down a manual for this (including some ideas how to make it more efficient), ideally by  Aug-7. If not, maybe Lusheng can at least write down how it is currently handled)
  5. Any ideas on Process for new repos (RIC PTL (or person nominated by PTL) suggests to TOC. TOC confirms. Repo can be created)
    1. Thoralf Czichy to make proposal with Lusheng Ji
    2. (Update-Jul-31-2019: Jack Murray needs to write down a manual for this (including some ideas how to make it more efficient), ideally by  Aug-7. If not, maybe Lusheng can at least write down how it is currently handled)

2019-07-23 (no meeting due to holiday period)

2019-07-09 (no meeting due to holiday period)



  1. Review and agree to minutes of previous meetings
  2. Code review practice and bootstrapping of committers. and Contact Lusheng Ji if things are not clear (

  3. General available information: The release calendar:

    1. Q (Pierre-Henri): are all projects following the calendar. Ritwick: Yes, but only pairwise testing between the project components as per testing strategy and acceptance criteria in EPICs.
  4. Release A requirements for RIC, but also incl. eNB and O-DU/OFH:

    1. comments expected by end of US business day Wednesday, 26.Jun Comment directly to wiki page.
    2. Note that the document suggest the usage of ONAP's
  5. (Any preferences on rocketchat vs IRC?)

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