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Swagger fileChangesDateVersion
E2M_API_2020-04-01.yamlAdd PUT /nodeb/{ranName} - update GNB. RAN Functions added to GNB.2020-04-01
E2M_API_2020-04-22.yamlEdit update gnb endpoint - PUT /nodeb/{ranName}/update | edit update gnb request to include servedNrCells only2020-04-22
E2M_API_2020-04-23.yamlChange swagger version to 4.4.4 (relevant for e2mgr 4.4.4 and above)2020-04-234.4.4
E2M_API_2020-05-27.yamlPopulate RAN functions as an object instead of a string. Also, use schemas instead rewrite objects in some APIs2020-05-275.0.1

Add PUT /nodeb/parameters - set e2mgr configuration

E2M_API_2020-06-18.yamlReturn ran function definition as a string instead of an object2020-06-185.2.2
Add POST /nodeb/enb - Add ENB API | Add additionalCellInformation to eNB and gNB entities2020-07-085.2.9
Add DELETE /nodeb/enb/{ranName} - Delete ENB API2020-07-095.2.10
Add PUT /nodeb/enb/{ranName} - Update ENB API2020-07-135.2.12
Delete/Update/Get/Add APIs return NodebResponse2020-07-145.2.14
GET  /v1/nodeb/ids changed to  /v1/nodeb/states2020-07-195.2.18

Change Update gNB Cells url to /nodeb/gnb/{ranName}

Add NodebResponse.setupFromNetwork and NodebResponse.gnb.gnbType properties2020-07-265.2.21
Add ConnectionStatus to NbIdentity in GET /v1/nodeb/states2020-08-065.4.5
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  1. I see in the gerrit repo that the OpenAPI spec file name changed and the contents changed also, but the version inside the file is still 4.0.0.  It's extremely difficult to judge compliance with a version if the meaning of the version string changes weekly.  Please advise.

        rename Swagger/{E2Manager_API.yaml => E2M_API_2020-04-22.yaml} (97%)

  2. In gerrit repo the file name will be fixed - E2Manager_API.yaml (in this way we can understand what was the diff between 2 versions of the file)

    The version inside the file will be updated.

    Swagger version indicates E2mgr version which uses this version (from this version and above until new Swagger file will be released).