This page contains a table with criteria and some notes on what the PTL and commiters need to check as part of release preparation. It is influenced by CII badging criteria CII status: near-RT RIC.

Release Criteria (RC) headlineCriteria details/references
RC-1 PTL: Check that we have a (a) release summary. Committers: (b) check that release notes are updated in RST file in gerrit.

OK PTL created this (a) summary (under "Achieved I release highlights = high-level release notes" in I release) as per copy of (b) per-component release notes (see version 1 of attachment to this page) and as per JIRA items that we marked as "done" (link).

RC-2: Check that we have all fixed security bugs listed in release notes

OK As of 2023-12-14, there where two security bug reported as per this filter. They are fixed.

RC-3: Save one-time snapshots of some reports

OK (1) The project MUST acknowledge a majority of bug reports submitted in the last 2-12 months (inclusive); the response need not include a fix (link):  12 bug reports since I release all have been discussed in the project meeting and/or already fixed. Additionally there were two security bugs (see RC-2)

OK (2) The project SHOULD respond to a majority (>50%) of enhancement requests in the last 2-12 months (inclusive): link. I am not aware of external feature request raised towards near-RT RIC. Instructions are available under "New feature requests" in Tools (mailing list, JIRA, Gerrit)

OK (3) The project's initial response time for any vulnerability report received in the last 6 months MUST be less than or equal to 14 days: 2 security issues have been raised and discussed within 14 days (see filter).

OK (4) The report snapshots and the code coverage report (text file) are in version 8 of in the attachments of this wiki page: Code coverage reports

RC-4: Check (from meeting notes) that we checked for all L and XL commits that they include unit tests

OK This was done on 2023-12-05, 2023-11-07, 2023-09-26

RC-5: Check that "blocker" code smells in Sonartype have been addressedOK Check Sonartype report export and store that export into wiki page: The report snapshots are in version 8 of in the attachments of this wiki page: Code coverage reports
RC-6: Check that all components have a release branch created.OK Check done ("git branch --list -a"  → ... remotes/origin/f-release ...)

RC-7: Check that image list has been created and same images are referred to in ric-dep RECIPE_EXAMPLEOK Near-RT RIC (I release)
RC-8: do we have a demo video on deploying RIC and a demo xapp?OK see at the top (or end) of the demo page
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  1. Hi, I went thru this install today: 2023-12-19 Release I

    for E2 simulator install: 

    git clone

    cd e2-interface/e2sim

    vi e2sm_examples/kpm_e2sm/Dockerfile
    → There is no Dockerfile!!

    Can u guys check this?