The project aims to provide simulation solutions to all the projects that have such a need.

The project can be split according to the type of interfaces it simulates:

  • A1
  • E1
  • E2
  • F1
  • FH
  • O1

The project structure is flexible and it can be changed according to the needs of the other projects.

Project meetings

Currently, there is a weekly joined meeting with Non-RT-RIC, OAM and ONAP community on Wednesdays 16:00 UTC (10am EST, 11pm CST):

NOTE: During the "Daylight Savings Time" changeover periods (US vs Europe vs Asia) the time of the meetings may fluctuate. Please keep a close eye on the project calendar.





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  1. I launch code : 

    git clone ""

    Near-RT RIC version : e

    Run the e2sim in a docker container.

    The e2sim can connnect to the e2term.

    [SCTP] Binding client socket to source port 36422
    [SCTP] Connecting to server at ...
    [SCTP] Connection established

    When the e2sim sent setup request, then get a stuck...


    [SCTP] Waiting for SCTP data

    receive data1 

    receive data2

    The e2mgr doesn't send a setup response.

    what can i do?

    1. When i close e2sim, the e2mgr give the follow errro:

      {"crit":"WARN","ts":1662084728178,"id":"E2Manager","msg":"#RanLostConnectionHandler.Handle - RAN name: - Received lost connection notification","mdc":{"time":"2022-09-02 02:12:08.178"}}
      {"crit":"ERROR","ts":1662084728179,"id":"E2Manager","msg":"#RanDisconnectionManager.DisconnectRan - RAN name: - Failed fetching RAN from rNib. Error: #utils.ValidateAndBuildNodeBNameKey - an empty inventory name received","mdc":{"time":"2022-09-02 02:12:08.179"}}

      It seems that the e2sim doesn't send the setup-request to e2mgr successffully. But the e2sim give the floowing log:

      data.len is 581after getting sent_len = 581
      [SCTP] Waiting for SCTP data
      receive data1
      receive data2

      It seems that the e2mgr doesn't receive the setup-request. 

      I don't konw how to do.

      1. Thank God! The problem is the different version bettween RIC(E version) and e2sim(last version, maybe F). I need run the E version e2sim and it work well. Thank your attention.

      2. Hi can you help to support for O-CU deployment ,

        Not able to find out the step to deploy.