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  1. Call for Scribe (minutes owner) Farheen Cefalu (AT&T)
  2. Roll Call & Quorum Check 


    Contact NameAttendanceAlternate ContactAttendance


    Jack Murray Co-Chair


    China Mobile

    Jinri Huang Co-Chair


    Deutsche Telekom 

    David Streibl


    Masafumi Masuda



    Vincent Danno

    Viswa Kumar


    *Quorum: 50% or more of total TSC voting members unless excluded due to attendance.  We have a qoram and can vote on activities.  

  3. Review and Agree to Minutes of Previous Meeting
    1. The minutes of the prior meeting were reviewed, and there were no corrections. On motion made by Jinri and seconded by Jack the minutes of the June 26, 2019 meeting were the approved by the TOC members. 
      1. VOTE: Vote taken, item passed.
  4. Review of Today's Agenda
    1. Jinri - Noticed the Xiaohua from Windriver is online and would like to discuss Windriver and the new repo for the 
  5. Status of Open Action Items (Old Business)
    1. Actionuser-2057e put out a poll to select a fish and which fish name for release A.  Try not to pick a complicated name.
      1. Wait for plugin
      2. Poll for fish and color, let voters choose.
    2. Actionuser-2057e provide results for vote on release A name
    3. Action / John Murray Jack send out the CLA to the list.
      1. It is not necessary to sign up for each individual repos.  Sign up for ORAN license and that will cover all the repos in the projects.
      2. Jinri - suggestion to put the CLA on the software community website.  
        1. Jack - we will link to the CLA from the ORAN-SC wiki to the ORAN.
        2. Peter Moonki Hong - Please provide a guide of when the vote for the ORAN license will be completed for approval?
          1. Jinri - On the board meeting 3 legal documents were presented.  The board did not have enough time to review.  The new time for approval will be July 10.
            1. Jack - Can you provide Peter with a preliminary license? Action/ Jinri send a copy to Peter Moonki Hong.
    4. Action / user-d3360 send the request to the mail list for creating the new repos and projects include the projects names that were voted on.  Have the TOC approve 10 projects and their committers like we did for NRT RIC and Thoralf.
      1. There are 4 projects
        1. Near Real Time RIC
        2. Integration and Testing
  6. Standing Agenda Items (Brief Status of Ongoing Activities)
    1. Release Manager/Release Planning: Weekly TOC Scheduling
      1. Release planning link
      2. We are running late on our schedule.  We have to get the requirements and software requirements PTL.

      3. Jack will add a new horizontal row at the bottom that will be ORAN action items.  We will have two synch reviews with them as a part of our planning process.
    2. Report out from PTL: Stand-Up & Report Out on Blockers
      1. Non Real Time RIC
      2. Software Requirements subcomittees PTLs
      3. Bring a proposal and self nominate yourself as a PTL for the various sub-projects.  If you have an interest then reach out and get involved.  There is help and support for the team.
      4. Ganesh from Radisys.  I would like to propose someone from Radisys and will send a message out tomorrow.  Who can support him?  
        1. Jack and Lusheng can support the projects and process.  Trishan can support LF IT process.
      5. Xiaohua Zhang from Wind River will also propose a PTL for infrastructure.
      6. Lusheng - LF can assist with setting up Sonarcube (unit test software quality) and Nexus IQ (dependency security and license compatibility).  What is the process of setting it up?  ActionTrishan de Lanerolle provide user-d3360 with the LF process of setting these tools up.
    3. Test & Integration Planning

      1. Lusheng - We are finalizing the release A epics with the integration and testing team.  A couple epics were proposed by contributors however they were along use case testing.  Who does the end to end testing?
        1. Do we have an ORAN representative for their testing focus group?
          1. Jinri - before Tokyo meeting the TI consisted of three members.  During the TSC meeting two weeks ago.  There are more than ten people.  Delegates from AT&T and China Mobile.
            1. We want ORAN Alliance speak to how we're implementing and supporting the specifications.
            2. We will do unit and integration testing but ORAN will test to see if the code meets their specifications.  
    4. Report Out of Sub-Committees
      1. Software Requirements and Architecture - David Kinsey We are waiting on OCU requirements from China Mobile.  
        1. Jinri - In China Mobile we are evaluating the seed code from legal perspective.  Currently we can not upload seed code therefore we are hesitant to commit.
          1. Once Jira is done we will baseline the document and it will be frozen.  It won't make the "A" release.
          2. Jinri - it is still pending.  
            1. Then it may slide out to seed code in "B" release.
      2. Jack - I put out a vote for Rittwik as the lead for Requirements Software Aarchitecture Committee subcommittee. Action / Jack Send a reminder.
  7. New Agenda Items (New Business): New Items Submitted (+speaker) & Open Call to TOC For Additional Items

    1. WG 6 on epic descriptions for infrastructure
      1. David: WG6 requesting a call to understand contributions, with 3 Epic requirements owners.  Not enough info for WG6 to comment.
        1. Rittwik: get contacts from Lusheng then arrange call
    2. Code contribution from Inspur is fork of StartlingX components make by Wind River and discussion
      1. Inspur has no rep on this call.  Will hold meeting with Wind River and Inspur.  David to take the lead.
        1. Jinri - I was on a call with Debbie from Inspur.  What does Inspur plan to do with repo. 
          1. Xiaohua We would like to see more people use StartlingX.  We should put something in oran-sc and contribute.
    3. PTL for Software Req and Arch sub committee discussion, impact delaying Jira epic
      1. Jack to send out email proposal for ToC to vote on Requirements and Software Architecture subcommittee chair.
      2. Call for more volunteers to the PTLs and leadership roles
    4. Xiaohua from Wind River is online and would like to discuss Wind River's and the new repo.
      1. Repo name PTI (performance tuned infrastructure) under infrastructure project.
        1. GPL and Apache
          1. GPL for real time kernel.
          2. Jack - I am not going to call a vote because this is the first request for a GPL license and how that will fit in the structure.  
            1. GPL has restrictions of how it can be used and we need to take the discussion online and get input.  It requires further discussion.
    5. Vote for PTLs non realtime RIC
      1. Proposal from Martin Skorupski from High Street.  Berlin software company. 
      2. Proposal from IBM and Ericsson are not ready.  They asked for another week to move the proposal forward.  
      3. Jack will delay the vote by one week to allow the other companies make their proposals.
        1. Jinri - It is good to see more contributors to this area.
        2. Tracy - I am hoping the other companies have deadlines to submit their proposals.  We would like to move forward with making the release schedule for release A.
          1. Action /Jack - We will review their proposal next Wednesday.
  8. Any Other Business (AOB)
  9. Meeting Summary (resolutions, new action items, etc.)
    1. Votes
      1. The minutes of the prior meeting were reviewed, and there were no corrections. On motion made by Jinri and seconded by Jack the minutes of the June 26, 2019 meeting were the approved by the TOC members. 
        1. VOTE: Vote taken, item passed.
    2. Actions
      1. Actionuser-2057e provide results for vote on release A name
      2. Action / John Murray CLA status.
      3. Action/ Jinri send a draft of the ORAN license to Peter Moonki Hong.
      4. ActionTrishan de Lanerolle provide user-d3360 with the LF process of setting up Sonarcube (unit test software quality) and Nexus IQ (dependency security and license compatibility).
      5. Action / Jack Send a reminder about nominating Rittwik as PTL for the Requirements Software and Architecture Committee (RSAC).
      6. Action /Jack - Report progress of nrtRIC proposals for PTLs from IBM and Ericsson.
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