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Non-Real-time RIC (A1 & R1 Interfaces) (NONRTRIC)

Primary Goals:
  • The primary goal of Non-RT RIC is to support intelligent RAN optimization by providing policy-based guidance, ML model management and enrichment information to the near-RT RIC function so that the RAN can optimize, e.g., RRM under certain conditions.
  • It can also perform intelligent radio resource management function in non-real-time interval (i.e., greater than 1 second).
  • Non-RT RIC can use data analytics and AI/ML training/inference to determine the RAN optimization actions for which it can leverage SMO services such as data collection and provisioning services of the O-RAN nodes.
  • Non-RT-RIC will define and coordinate rApps (Non-RT-RIC applications) to perform Non-RT-RIC tasks.
  • Non-RT-RIC will host the A1 interface (between NONRTRIC & near-RT RICs )
  • Non-RT-RIC will also host the new R1 interface (between rApps and SMO/NONRTRIC services)

F Feature Scope / Achievements:

  • Study & prototype Coordinated Service Exposure (SE)

    • Continue SE contribution building on the manual approaches already studied/completed.
    • Create/apply K8S configurations to isolate platform services and rApp microservices, then configure controlled secure access between service
    • Prototype CAPIF compliant API for Service/rApp registration/discovery, and service provider/consumer registration/configuration
  • Data Management & Exposure (DME):

    • Pre-spec O1 PM via pre-spec R1 DME demo
    • Configure & connect to PM data - collected by SMO (ONAP)
    • Collect, Filter & Coordinate Delivery of PM data from DMaaP/Kafka to rApps over R1 (ICS)
  • General activities

    • Continue to provide spec-compliant implementation of A1-Policy & A1-EI functions
    • NONRTRIC repo re-org
    • Continue to integrate and deploy SMO/NONRTRIC platform/rApps in OSC integration env.
    • Continue to expand NONRTRIC test platform & testsets
    • Show various versions rApps implemented/deployed as holistic “Automation Compositions” (ref ONAP ACM)
    • Continue to provide & integrate strawman rApps to comply with OSC RSAC integration usecases.

F release source code, container images and deployment instructions