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The SIM project focuses on the following topics:

Provide complete implementation for OAM functions (FCAPS).


  1. Support of O-RAN-SC E-Release Network Slicing use case by Radisys - support of O-DU projects for end-to-end closed loop use cases for RAN network slicing (implement any message flows in the O-DU Simulator, if needed)
  2. Support of NETCONF CallHome via TLS, for the O1 simulator
  3. Align O1 Simulator with the latest specifications released by O-RAN Alliance. More informations about the specifications to be considered can be found here.

Under Discussion for E-Release:

  1. Deployment of CNF (NTSim: O-CU-CP, O-CU-UP, O-DU and (O-RUs) using ONAP OOM K8S means (support of INT project and preparation for WG6 – OAM for Cloud)
  2. Test automation for O-RAN-SC use cases in context of OPNFV (support of INT project and preparation for WG6 – OAM for Cloud)
    The result is such a page for O-RAN-SC OAM and SIM
  3. Integration of OpenWirelessLab in OPNFV/ONAP official labs with focus on O-RAN use cases
    The result is a new lab icon in this page and pointing to the page mentioned in item #2
  4. VES stdnDefined implementation (TBD)
  5. Integration with OTF (TBD)
  6. E2 Simulator improvements (TBD)

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