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  1. Why I cannot find the subscribtion REST URL?

  2. Hello,

    When trying to subscribe an xApp I get the following error when creating the route:

    CREATE routeinfo(23/[service-ricxapp-hw-go-xapp-rmr.ricxapp:4560]) failed with error: [POST /handles/xapp-subscription-handle][400] provideXappSubscriptionHandleBadRequest ', 'ErrorSource': 'RTMGR', 'XappEventInstanceId':

    Apparently the subscription manager does its job, but then trying to create a route, it fails. Something worth notice is that apparently someone is trying to perform a POST on a service rmr of the xApp but the xApp source code do not show any server listening on that port. Who is trying this post (wich is failing with error 400) and who is listening to that post?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I'm facing the same error each time I try to subscribe an xApp. Did you ever figure what was causing the error?

      1. Hello Paul,

        I would recommend looking at the discussion here , specially if your trying to subscribe kpimon-go, the app files might need some tweaks (depending on the xapp). Also I recommend restarting the xapp deployment like so:

        $ sudo kubectl rollout restart deployment -n ricplt <xapp deployment>