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  • Meeting ID: 890 6970 8424
  • You will need a Participant ID so you will need to join the meeting from a Zoom client first to get this.
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OSC Project roundup:

News from OSC TOC call last week

NONRTRIC (John Keeney)

  • Service Exposure Manager - Started - New function pulling together previous work. Unlikely to deliver in this release
  • O-RAN Spec API compliance for R1-SME, R1-DME (TBC), R1-A1, A1
    • A1 & R1-A1 in good state right now.
      • Will continue to make small changes as needed.
      • Working on how to describe outgoing calls
    • R1-DME will likely need alot of work as R1-DME specs mature
    • R1-SME interface being defined as part of "Service Exposure Manager" (above).
  • Making good progress on rApp manager.
    • Adding support for DME integration now.
    • Hope to demo in 2 weeks
  • OpenAPI-first in A1-PMS & ICS

    • A1-PMS changes in ONAP CCSDK/oran merged now (smile)

    • ICS still to do.
  • Pairwise test A1 Policy functions in near-RT-RIC & NONRTRIC
    • Some changes in A1-Mediator in near-RT-RIC plt in H-Release.
      • Working fine in our function tests,
    • Working on Pairwise test for Integration environment -
      • Will need help from James Li  (email) 
      • Add A1-PMS & maybe a A1 SIM to near-RT-RIC deployment ? add in some NONRTRIC A1 functions?
      • Current xApp deployed (KPIMon Go) does not use A1 Policies - so we need an A1-enabled xApp to be added
        • James Li & Naman Gupta might be able to help. Hello-World xApp should be OK, or Traffic Steering?

SIM (Alex Stancu)

  • ONF have a deployed near-RT-RIC. Should consider this for pairwise testing too. (For traffic steering)

OAM (Martin Skorupski)

  • O-RAN "planning" tool to visualise & deploy a RAN, and populate topology & inventory

    • Ongoing
    • Now supports handover areas between cells.
    • 1x 5G Core per SMO

OSC Integration / INT (James Li)

  • Alex Stancu Martin Skorupski - Need to check what version of VES collector we us in IT/DEP & tests. May not be the latest (not sure if O1 PNFRegistration is supported)
  • Will be working with Bimo about work in Taiwan Lab - some testing also happening there.
    • fransiscus bimo Working to generate dataset of Energy Saving use case
    • fransiscus bimo making progress on the rApp - but work to do about how to describe/package/manage the rApp
      • Will see NONRTRIC rApp Manager Demo below.
      • Working on some sample flows  -Would be good to keep in touch with N.K. Shankaranarayanan - who is assembling SMO-related workflows.

O-DU Vidhu Shekhar Pandey)

  • No update this week

SMO (Seshu Kumar Mudiganti)

RSAC (David Kinsey Rittwik Jana)

AI/ML platform project (Joseph Thaliath)

OSC/OAI/OSFG Workshop (James Li , John Keeney fransiscus bimo)

ONAP Update (N.K. Shankaranarayanan)

  • No update this week
  • Will discuss next week

ONAP/OSC Usecases (N.K. Shankaranarayanan)

  • No update this week.
  • Will discuss next week

Disaggregated SMO Flows (N.K. Shankaranarayanan)


NONRTRIC rApp Manager - Demo & Discussion (Aravindhan Ayyanathan)

  • Slides:
  • Video:
    20231121 - NONRTRIC - rApp manager.HiRes.mp4

  • Makes a lot of use of ONAP ACM to support rApps that contain a composition of K8s microservices, ML Models, Policies, Workflows, Configuration, A1 Policy, etc
    • Multiple rApp instances for rApp types
    • rApp is Lifecycle Managed as a single composition of App elements
      • Different Element types are handled by pluggable 'Participants'/Handlers
        • Current Participants: K8s/Helm, A1 policy, ONAP Policy, KServe (ML), HTTP configurator, DME, others
  • Adds Service Management & Exposure - SME    (Not already supported in ACM)
    • All produced & Consumed services are described in App package, so Service Registration & Service Discovery needs to be handled.
    • Uses NONRTRIC CAPIF Core function
    • R1-SME aligned
  • Add Data Management & Exposure - DME    (Not already supported in ACM) 
    • All produced & consumed Data Types are described in App package, so Data Producer Registration & Data Type Discovery & Data Job creation needs to be handled. 
    • Uses NONRTRIC Information Coordinator Service
    • Similar to R1-DME
  • Prototype rApp Package presented - Not yet Stable!
  • rApps, rApp instances have well-defined state models
  • Call sequences for various rApp & rApp Instance workflows presented.
  • Demo:
    • Show a sample rApp package
    • Deploy & prime the rApp
    • Create one instance - showing all its constituent parts configured, started & running. Service & Data types registed & discovered, Data Jobs created.
    • Delete the created instance - showing all its constituent parts stopped & removed
    • Delete the rApp & its definition - showing rApp environment cleaned up

Questions / Comments / AOB:

  • None this week.

Meeting ends 76min