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Time & Location:

New Meeting Slot

Have now moved to new meeting slot Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC!

NOTE: During the "Daylight Savings Time" changeover periods (US vs Europe vs Asia) the time of the meetings may fluctuate.

See the Calendar: (

Daylight Savings time changes have now completed for a few months so Summer meeting times are

9am PDT | 12pm EDT | 16:00 UTC | 17:00 BST | 18:00 CEST | 19:00 EEST | 21:30 IST | 00:00 CST (Thurs) | 01:00 JST (Thurs) 

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  • Please careful with assorted DST changeovers in coming weeks.
  • Apologies from John Keeney for not being able to attend last week (sad)

ONAP - ORAN harmonization


Deploying O-RAN functions from SMO:

A1 testing in ONAP

  • Lasse Kaihlavirta John Keeney
  • Lasse (could not attend this week): would like to help extend ONAP integration tests to use ONAP robot framework in Honolulu
  • John: Yes - needs alot more work in Honolulu - and massive thanks to Lasse & INT & TEST & OOM team for helping us get first version of tests for Guilin release!


  • Ongoing prep for ONAP Guilin RC0 for A1 functions - going well - all green
  • Making good progress with ONAP App poc - See for a very early demo
    • Hope this can form the basis of rApp in ONAP (& OSC) - but alignment is needed
    • Need to chat John Keeney Mahesh Jethanandani  about alignment between rApp view of "common app" work, and the bigger ambition for App in ONAP - need to make sure that requirements align.
    • Made more complicated by different views about "What is an rApp" in O-RAN alliance.
  • A1 Enrichment Information coordinator making good progress in OSC
    • hope for a demo in coming weeks
    • need to align with e2e use case in Cherry - TS use case looks most promising
    • Work ongoing to extend Portal to view/manage EI jobs
  • Need to get started on initial/stub rApp catalog
    • Need to consider the significant overlap with app-catalog work ongoing in ONAP
    • Need to consider how rApps will be packaged - again alignment required vis-a-vis common apps and existing packaging of CNFs in ONAP etc.
  • A1-AP v2 work now ready for committing - IPR cool off period is ending.
    • Extension to SIM, tests, portal in OSC
    • Extension to A1 Policy Management service in ONAP
  • Normal development activities continue (Doc, test, bug fixing, etc ...)


  • Martin Skorupski Not alot new to report - Still blocked by 3GPP copyright/licensing issues.