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OSC Project roundup:

News from OSC TOC call last week

NONRTRIC (John Keeney)

  • G Maintenance Release - small bug fixes etc
    • Image preparation & release continues.  No very significant updates from G Release
  • As per last week. Development for each of the topics below continue ... 
    • Release H Planning continues:
      • (R1) Service Exposure & Management

        • CAPIF Aligned Service Registry
        • Secured/Sandbox execution environment
        • Controlled access & exposure of service to/from rApps
      • (R1) Data Management & Exposure

        • Previous focus on PM data - but will extend to other use cases too
        • Aim to work with AIML project for Training (and Inference ?) data access
      • rApp Management

        • Built on ONAP “Automation Composition” model & platform to implement rApp use cases
          • rApp-specific extensions needed
        • Packaging, Onboarding & Orchestration of rApps
          • rApp-specific packaging & Onboarding
            • Aim to align with / inform ongoing work in O-RAN (& OSC) about Common App packaging & Onboarding.
          • (rApps with & without µService)
        • Overlap with Service Exposure work to examine role of an rApp Manager to support controlled exposure & LCM of µService and non-µService parts of an rApp
      • Continued A1-Policy & A1-Enrichment-Information evolution (& R1-A1)

        • A1 Spec evolution
        • A1-Policy work in ONAP (continues in ONAP London) - candidate for R1-A1(P)
        • A1-EI management as part of DME - candidate for how to include A1-EI in R1-DME
      • Sample use cases (rApps)
        • Requirements Drivers for rApp/R1 development
        • High degree of cross-project integration activity
      • Testing, Maintenance & Housekeeping

        • Function Test & Integration Test environment,
        • Support integration, deployment & configuration of SMO/Non-RT-RIC related functions & usecases in OSC Integration env.
        • Project coordination, Documentation, Delivery, Reporting, Cross-project alignment, Community demos, O-RAN Standardization support, etc.

SIM (Alex Stancu)

  • Working with NorthEastern Univ about NS3 Simulator updates for latest E2 version
  • O1 simulator alignment with latest O1 updates
  • Still trying to see if there is any effect from possible closer interaction with OAI project - might be discussed at O-RAN F2F?

OAM (Martin Skorupski)

  • Updating OAM with latest O1 specs.

O-DU (Hariom Gupta Vidhu Shekhar Pandey)

  • No Update

OSC Integration / INT (James Li )

  • Working on XTesting for xApp onboarding etc
  • Examining how to work with INF project re O2 interface, & overlap with Tacker team in SMO.

RSAC/SMO (David Kinsey)

AI/ML platform project (Joseph Thaliath)

ONAP Use cases (N.K. Shankaranarayanan)

ONAP / OSC / O-RAN Alliance: Cooperation & Alignment

  • RSAC today (see above): Good discussion with Timo Perala & N.K. Shankaranarayanan re Requirements in ONAP, and the possibility of better alignment - ref David Kinsey Rittwik Jana.
    • Request for list of overlapping topics ... ref list in last week's minutes:
      • Draft from N.K. Shankaranarayanan
        • O1-/OFHM-related OAM, IM/DM Models→ WG10 (O1, OAM), WG4 (OFHM), WG5 ?
          • Good amount of existing work and harmonization effort (e.g., yang models, VES msgs)
          • Very strong alignment between OSC & ONAP (avoid duplication - single codebase)
            • Would be helpful to make release timelines etc better aligned.
        • Non-RT-RIC A1-related:  → WG2

          • Good amount of existing work and harmonization effort (e.g. A1 interface, modification of ONAP RAN-Sim to support A1

          • Continue effort to re-use code and principles

        • Non-RT-RIC rApp:  → WG2 (WG10, app management)

          • Good amount of work in OSC - reusing alot from ONAP

          • (**New area) - Ongoing effort to seek out ways to align with ONAP control loops and use cases (originally designed without knowledge of R1)

          • e.g. Already reusing ONAP functions as part of  rApp management/LCM
        • SMO Policy Functions:

          • (** New area) - ONAP has had a Policy Enforcement Function since beginning, and there is no obvious mapping to existing SMO architecture

          • e.g. inter-rApp coordination ??
          • rApps using Policy Functions - as rApp might use any other SMO service, or rApp might contains Policies (ref work in ONAP ACM / App manager)
        • O2 related, cloud management → WG6

          • ONAP has a lot of work on NF orchestration and management - looking at O2 support

          • (**New area) - Relatively less focus on cloud infrastructure management (role for other LFN projects? - e.g. Nephio?)

          • (**New area) - integration of use cases which cover both IMS and DMS part of O2

        • Orchestration (end-to-end aspects, including components inside SMO) -

          • (**New area) - ONAP has lot of work on Service Design and Orchestration. May be worthwhile for OSC to be align to leverage past work?

        • AI/ML related (Training, ...) → WG2

          • (**New area) - ONAP work did not assume role of Non-RT and Near-RT RIC. AI/ML work was generic.

          • (**New area) - ONAP did not consider controlled data access / exposure.
        • Security → WG11

          • Good amount of shared objectives - security of interfaces design, system implementation, code design etc

          • Can share best practices etc

        • Simulation work -> OSC

          • Ongoing effort to leverage/harmonize

          • OSC sim work oriented towards OAM (CU/DU/O1), ONAP Sim work oriented towards use case (RAN-Sim)

            • Reusing OSC simulators in ONAP usecases (e.g. RANSim, A1 Policy functions)
          • ONAP RAN-Sim adaptation - A1 termination, abstraction of near-rt-ric and xapp, exploring porting

        • End-to-end use case -> WG1, OSC

          • End-to-end slicing, SON, Intent-based, OAM, life-cycle management

          • Scope for sharing work and aligning objectives

        • Architecture  -> WG1

          • (**New area) - Identification of building block sub-systems - esp. related to SMO. (SMOS/SMOF concept?)

          • Target to have only small list of recommended approaches, harmonization/code re-use within same approach


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