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Project KeyProject NamePTLDescription
RICAPPRIC ApplicationsMatti HiltunenThis includes open source sample xAPPs and platform applications that can we used for integration, testing, and demonstrations.

Near Realtime RAN Intelligent Controller

Initial RIC Platform to support xAPPs with limited support for O1, A1, and E2 interfaces.
OCUO-RAN Central UnitTBD

The OCU should target an initial software deliverable with limited functionality. Focus on aa basic E2 interface to enable initial integration testing between RIC and OCU.


O-RAN Distributed Unit High Layers 

Manasi PadhyFocus on initial L2 functional blocks based on seed code contributions.
ODULOWO-RAN Distributed Unit Low LayersFocus on initial L1 functional blocks based on seed code contributions.
ORUO-RAN Radio UnitTBDOut of scope for release "A".
OAMOperations and MaintenanceO1-related sysdev; initial dashboard for monitoring and demonstration of contributions. More ...
SIMSimulationsAlex StancuInitial simulators used for testing O-RAN NF interfaces.
INFInfrastructureInitial building blocks for infrastructure to run O-RAN NF components.
INTIntegration and Testing


The integration and test effort will focus on testing the requirements documented in each release. This will focus on end to end test and use case testing.

NF Testing shall primarily be done on the Akraino-REC (Radio Edge Cloud) blueprint. While Non-RT RIC and O1 interface testing will primarily use ONAP components.


Documentationweichen niDocumentation on contributions and O-RAN SC contents.
NONRTRICNon-RealTime RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller)

Non-realtime RIC focus on feature functionality of A1-interface (consumer and provider), and closed-loop use cases. The NONRTRIC project will also work together with the OAM project to align activities on a case-by-case based for O1 interfaces. Project should focus on use cases supported in ONAP. The work should be sponsored in O-RAN and initial code contributions in O-RAN SC. Interoperability with ONAP should be aligned between the standards and will follow initial contributions in this project.

SMOService Management and Orchestration (SMO)The primary goal of the SMO project is to integrate different software artifacts of existing open-source projects creating a fully functional open-source Service Management and Orchestration (SMO). 

NOTE: Repositories that are indicated as scp/ repositories are repositories maintained by the O-RAN Alliance and licensed under the O-RAN Specification Code Project under licenses that are different from the licensing of the O-RAN Software Community Project. For questions concerning an O-RAN Specification Code Project code or documentation, please contact the O-RAN Alliance.

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  1. Great! I am looking forward to hearing more from O-RAN-OSC.

  2. John Keeney , there are two entries in the Projects table above for Non real time RIC.  One at the top and one at the bottom.  Could you please consolidate them into one?

  3. whether reporting will also be part of RIC application project? I believe reporting shall also be considered along with testing, Integration and demonstration.

  4. Dear Experts,

    this is my first time i join an open source project community in fact i'm a RAN Eng working on 4G/5G vendor Equipment (Huawei/Ericsson) KPI, Parameters setting and troubleshoting QoS issue, i'm very interested by Open RAN project i would like to participate in the efforts of making RAN network more open, if any one can help me with the IT part (Kubernetes,json) so i ca join the adventrure with you i will be very grateful (smile)

    Thanks in advance and best regards


    1. Did you mean O-RAN or OpenRAN(TIP)? They are different open source communities.

    2. Hi Moez,

      welcome to the party (wink) - for the k8s part on SMO/OAM level you may want to take a look here: Deployment

      Please let us know if you are looking for something else (e.g. k8s for O-DU?!?)

      Happy coding,