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Non-Real-time RIC (NONRTRIC) - Release H - Summary

Primary Goals:
  • R1 Service Exposure & Management
    • Continuing work of Service execution platform extensions (K8s, Istio, Keycloak, OPA, Gateway) to enable and enforce service isolation & exposure
    • First version of 3GPP CAPIF-aligned Service Registration & Discovery service available. Will continue integration with related work on rApp management & Service exposure enforcement.
  • R1 Data Management & Exposure
    • Aligning with emerging proposals for R1-DME where possible
    • R1 DME Data Catalog support in NONRTRIC ICS 
    • R1 Data delivery & filtering (Kafka & REST)
      • Investigating approaches for access to stored data
    • Continuing prototyping with PM data exposure, filtering & access control
      • Additional support for stored data access (S3 currently supported) (InfluxDB tbc) .
  • rApp Manager
    • Building on ONAP “Automation Composition” model & platform to implement rApp use cases
    • Overlap with Service Exposure work to examine role of an rApp Manager to support controlled exposure & LCM of µService and non-µService parts of an rApp
    • Hope to start work on supporting ASD-based rApps
    • Support KServe App components
  • Continued A1-Policy & A1-Enrichment-Information evolution (& R1-A1)
  • Sample use cases (rApps)
    • Requirements Drivers for rApp/R1 development
    • High degree of cross-project integration activity
  • Testing, Maintenance & Housekeeping
    • Function Test & Integration Test environment,
    • Support integration, deployment & configuration of SMO/Non-RT-RIC related functions & usecases in OSC Integration env.
    • Project coordination, Documentation, Delivery, Reporting, Cross-project alignment, Community demos, O-RAN Standardization support, etc.

H Release - Highlights:

Count of Epics (20 issues), User Stories, Tasks, and Issues:  (455 issues)
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H release source code, container images and deployment instructions

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